Shyne Says Drake is “Corny” and Should Sing About “Being a Good Kid from Canada”

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Shyne continues to express his dislike for Rick Ross, and this time he brought Drake into the equation. In a recent interview with MTV, the Brooklyn rapper refers to Drake as “an actor,” and recalls his disbelief upon hearing the Canadian actor-turned-MC’s career began to take off. “I thought I was in a twilight zone,” Shyne said. “When I was out in town, these dudes couldn’t exist.” Listen to the full interview.

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  • that dude

    Shyne is the realist dude ever. And he’s telling the truth…..

  • Hip hop

    shyne is irrelevent. 15 minutes were up a decade ago and even then he was just a Biggy wannabe

  • L Taxen

    fuck shyne he is fuckin awful worst rapper alive

    • Alessandro Carrus

      At least he is a rapper !! thats more then i can say about faggie drake

  • Usher

    Selling 10 million with me? Brother, I would have sold that without you. Your phone verse didn’t make confessions what it is.

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    its the truth

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    i feel him

  • namebrand

    so if we go to a Shyne show the set list would includebe how many hits!?,,,,

  • ghreeb

    fuck you shyne

  • Southcidal

    Shyne is on some sour busta hating shiit.

  • Southcidal

    Shyne is on some sour busta hating shiit.

  • dainik bhasker

    its truth

  • Robert Rogers

    What Shyne dose not get and maybe never get is That the most people dont give 2 fucks about real or fake when it comes to ENTERTAINMENT,And the simple fact is what ever u may think about them, Ross & Drake make WAY better music then shyne ever did,and Im a shyne fan.

    • VISION821

      shut up you lame as bitch. no one gives a fuck about real or fake? a real artist is supposed to speak from his soul, how the fuck you going to speak from your soul about holding guns or drugs when you aren’t about that? you can’t see real, cuz your fake yourself, shut the fuck up, hip hop is is the hands of fucking fools and you promote that shit, fuck you, die slow.

  • lmao

    shyne still mad at Diddy

    LMFAO fuck you nigga these niggas getting MONEY

  • Yo Grandaddy

    …Who the fuck is Shyne?