Shyne Endorses Mitt Romney Over Barack Obama?

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According to Shyne Po, courtesy of MTV News, Obama hasn’t reached out to him, so A) The prez must not be serious about curbing violence in America B) the rapper is gonna rock with Romney now and C) Shyne might mistakenly think he’s Jay-Z.

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  • 2012Industry1

    “Shyne Po took offense to Obama not reaching out to him…” Really?? Like REALLY??? Soooo….what would the President (any President: Label President, Food Company President, Student Body President) gain from reaching out to Shyne?? This cat doesn’t know what religon he wants to be, lost his skill in rap, and rode hard for a cat that never rode for him….and I respect his opinion WHY??? GTFOH Shyne!

    • Ronald Jack

      Funny but true

  • Nico

    and mitt romney would reach out to him? hahahahahaha. keep him in belize.

  • R.I.P-To the Lost Ones

    I feel bad for Shyne he followed the “code” and look where it got him career wise…not far
    You’d think all the “real” rappers would reach out and help get his ass back into North America but few have hectic shiet right there

  • Jones

    Goddamn, this guy is delusional. Sad, really.

  • Maine Tech The Great

    Shyne only had 1/2 a hit lol, he is making a lot of noise from his little island.