Does G-Unit Affiliate Mike Knox Have Gunplay’s Chain? [Video]

Does rapper Mike Knox have Gunplay’s chain, as a result from their encounter at the BET Hip-Hop Awards taping in Atlanta on Saturday (September 29)?

The G-Unit affiliate certainly alluded to that during the tail end of his interview with his hometown radio station, Philly’s Hot 107.9.

“I just want to show you something,” Knox said to the host Q-Deezy.

“What’s that right here?” Q-Deezy asked. “That looks like something that goes around your…

“Shhh…” Knox retorted.

Earlier in the interview, Knox admitted that he was indeed the member of G-Unit’s entourage who Gunplay had down on the ground, punching, but that the blows didn’t faze him at all. Knox added that he was pepper-sprayed and that’s why he fell to the ground in the first place.

“By the time I’m done with Gunplay Def Jam gonna drop him like we did! I guarantee that!”

He added that although there’s beef with Gunplay, it’s all love between him and MMG and Philly rhyme slinger Meek Mill.

Knox is staring at an upcoming seven-year prison sentence.

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  • O.T.

    Mike Knox funny

  • Wolfgang_sonny

    if their wasnt any video i would believe you about gun play actin a certain wayyy, i saw one of yal sneak gun play, and jump that man, i can tell yal had prio conversations about this, cus all u saying is he got dealt with, like all the drugs he using, at the end of the day yal plotted this out when yal saw him, so that gives us that bull shit. nicca you gone get touched regardless, u was involved fat asss nicca

  • slash

    what part of the game is that jumpin a nigga an cant jump the nigga and then when the nigga get wit one the jumper you got a excuse i got mased he got jumped dummy

  • kevin simms

    gunplay never named 50 he called him a donkey

  • william storm

    why is it when niggas like game have thirty niggas and jump somebody, yall feel like he the realest nigga alive. but when the police clique get dealt one for steady talkin shit yall try and make him seem like the victim. And in his snitching ass interview on the radio he even said if they were in miami it would have went like that for the unit. yall need to stop being mad at a boss like 50 cause you to scared to get out and get yours. when you talk street dont be mad when street happen to you