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Erica Dixon Versus Shay "Buckeey" Johnson, Who's Hotter?

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Throughout the tumultuous first season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Lil Scrappy has been romantically affiliated with two women, Erica Dixon and Shay "Buckeey" Johnson of Flavor of Love fame. While he was initially with Dixon, to whom he has a seed, due to his incessant lying, the first relationship turned sour. So the "Head Bussa" rapper bounced back with Buckeey, who he also fed lies to. Standing between two women that are both in love with him, Lil Scrappy on Monday, decided to present the ring to Dixon, leaving Johnson kind of, sort of, in the cold (although Johnson claims that a "ring doesn't mean nothing"). In all honesty, this reality TV drama's cool, but what XXL's really concerned about is who's hotter between the two feisty female characters. Click through the gallery, and place your vote on the poll below. —XXL Staff (@XXL)

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