Noot surprisingly, 50 Cent is happy when he sees young people form the inner city succeed.

"I like the idea of Chief Keef," the Queens rapper said on The Ryan Cameron Show. "The same way I like the idea of Soulja Boy. 'Cause I like the idea of someone having a hit at 16. He's actually my son's age. So without the success that I had, my son could have potentially been Chief Keef. When I look at the situations, I go, Wow, that's what hip-hop culture is. It allows people to come from completely nothing to make it."

He also addressed the recent controversy surrounding Keef and fellow Windy City native Lupe Fiasco, as well as the talk of Keef's potential connection to the murder of another young local rapper. "The things that Lupe said about Chief Keef, I don't think he said it about him," Fif continued. "I think he said it about the actual element, the environment. But there's no way you don't personalize when a person is saying, 'you.' Chicago had 158 homicides this summer. Thirty-eight of 'em was teens. They got to go through an investigation to make sure that was actually someone affiliated with Chief Keef. You can't just put that on him 'cause the boy made a diss song."

Like he's claimed for some time when disucssing criticisms of hip-hop music and his work specifically, 50 concluded that the art is a reflection of the reality. "It shows that it's a part of their actual culture," he said. "In Chicago, their gang culture has been there forever." —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)