Joe Budden’s Girlfriends are Hot

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    Joe Budden's Girlfriends are Hot
    Joe Budden always seems to be around extremely voluptuous and attractive women. The New Jersey rapper has been publicly linked to uncovered gems that eventually found fame of their own (Tahiry) and to-drool-for video vixens (Esther Baxter). Most recently, the Slaughterhouse MC has been posting Instagram updates featuring a young lady named Kaylin Garcia. A professional dancer, and a Zumba fitness instructor, Ms. Garcia's gorgeous physique has quickly caught the attention of the blogsphere. So to commemorate Joe Budden's continuous winning streak with gorgeous girlfriends, and Slaughterhouse's <em>Welcome to: Our House</em> out in stores now, <em>XXL</em> takes a look back at Budden's list of bad-ass lady friends. —<em>XXL Staff</em> (<a href="">@XXL</a>)
  • Gloria Velez_(1)
    Gloria Velez
  • Gloria Velez_(2)
    Gloria Velez
  • Tahiry_(2)
  • Tahiry_(1)
  • Somya Reece_(2)
    Somya Reece
  • Somya Reece_(1)
    Somya Reece
  • Esther Baxter (1)
    Esther Baxter
  • Esther Baxter (2)
    Esther Baxter
  • Yaris Sanchez_(1)
    Yaris Sanchez
  • Yaris Sanchez_(2)
    Yaris Sanchez
  • Dazzle (2)
  • Dazzle (1)
  • Kaylin Garcia (2)
    Kaylin Garcia
  • Kaylin Garcia (1)
    Kaylin Garcia

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  • datruth

    all these bitches fine

  • dascentman

    all i can say is dat my man joe budden got good taste when it comes to women!!!! Play on playa.

  • Slaughter

    damn Budden did you get all that ass? you got taste bro keep it up

  • Rakata

    Gloria Velez and Somaya Reece are the best