All of Young Buck’s prized personal belongings were auctioned off by the Internal Revenue Service on Thursday (July 26) in an attempt to collect on his over $300,000 in unpaid taxes.

According to WKRN in Nashville, an estimated 80-90 people attended the auction, which included various recording equipment, jewelry, awards, electronics and even a framed May 2007 XXL Magazine cover issue (which Buck covered with grenade in hand). All the items sold for a total of $53,000 with Buck’s classic ‘615’ Cashville medallion chain being the top money getter, having sold for $12,300.

This comes after Buck received the news two weeks back that he’ll have to do 18 months in jail, beginning on August 13, on weapon charges and tax debt, two counts that the judge is allowing Buck to serve concurrently through a year-and-a-half sentence.

Breaking his silence in an exclusive interview with XXL last week, Buck took a look at his downfall over the past few years—which even had him the victim of a drive-by shooting this past March—but told his most loyal fans that he will persevere to see better days.

“There were all the crazy things that happened to me in the last few years leading up to this situation I’m in today,” Buck told XXL. “My mindset moving forward is letting the past be the past. Don’t judge me behind what you think I am or what you thought I did or none of that. Pay attention to Buck because the man that I was yesterday ain’t the man that I am today."

He added: “I know whatever is at the end of the rainbow…it’s gotta be a pot of gold."—Jakinder Singh