Yelawolf Lashes Out Against Interscope: “These MF’ers Have Given Me One Single in 11 Months”

Like all artists, Yelawolf wants to be put in the best possible position to succeed, and he feels like Interscope hasn’t set him up to do so.

Radioactive, the last project I put out, was deliberately given to Interscope and it was on a fucking silver platter, given to them to work,” Yela said on Shade 45 on Friday, in reference to his major label debut, which dropped in November. “Like radio records after radio records, purposely, was my attempt. These mothathuckas have given me one single in 11 months. You know? So it’s like I don’t really understand where the importance is lined. That’s just me being real. Every artist gets frustrated at some point, I imagine, but I’ve never been one to hold my tongue and that’s just where I’m at.”

The week after it was released on November 21, 2011, Radioactive sold 41,000 units, which helped it land at No. 27 on the Billboard 200. In the interview, he called it a “purposeful shot” at mainstream spins, and admitted that he “fully compromised” on the release.

Now, as he preps a few pet projects to be released free and reconnect with his fans, the 2011 XXL Freshman is going back to doing things his way. “I’m putting out music the way the fuck I wanna put it out now, and making music exactly how I want to do it.”

Even with the frustrations he voiced with Interscope, the Alabama native was sure to stress that he has no issues with the imprint, Shady Records, to which he is also signed. “I don’t know what the fuck they’re doing up there [at Interscope],” he continued. “Shady’s great, I love Shady Records. I just think there’s some shit going on upstairs. I don’t know what the fuck is going on.”

As he gets ready to go “back to Trunk Muzik,” Yelawolf will be dropping his new mixtape, The Heart of Dixie, on July 4, and follow that up with his collaborative project alongside Travis Barker, Psycho White. —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)

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  • ra

    yelawulf is weak now…him and mgk. “pop the trunk” was the real shit!!

    • Ricky

      Trunk Musik > Radioactive

    • braxton

      do you even know what that song’s about? it’s about a guy sneaking onto his dad’s farm stealing his “elbows”, and long story short, his dad shoots him or some shit.

  • po

    they arent givin u singles bcz u succ!


      We are still waitin on you to release somethin better Po, see you aint got it figured out and you prolly never will.
      At interscope they dont know how to juggle artists unless they are near platinum guarantees. It dont mean Yela sucks ( far from it actually ) its just that he has a niche audience he is like Kid Rock. He has a certain lane.They are used to rap artists and r&b.
      Yela like Kid Rock can sell really well, as long as he sticks to his own way of makin songs. As much as it pains me to say it, because I respect the hell out of eminem and shady records, it wasnt a good look for him. Because he doesnt fit in with his style of music.
      If the deal sours any worse I look for him to go independent and really flourish or find a label that will cater to his rap/country/classic rock vibe. Yelas has fans and always will as long as he figures out how to make the right decisions. He dont suck and thats for sure someone from the industry with a great ear for talent didnt think so.
      Bottom line is this, Interscope is a horrible marketing machine when it comes to music, it lost its way a long time ago.It lost its touch and if your not Em or Dre they arent pushin your music. I hate to say it but Slaughterhouse is gonna be treated the same, too much talent wrong damn label. Em just talk dre into goin to somewhere where you and your artists and the fans can get the treatment you deserve.

  • Ricky

    Should just join Strange Music Yela… They got shit figured out

  • Saul Hdez

    Join Funk Volume man they give all the Love you need

  • francis nasim

    im headed to philly-this is becoming radioactivity.dude when you want an artist,give me a call-

  • brent

    i dont feel sorry for you. u asked for it signing to a major label. trunk music > the rest of your music from now on.

  • braxton

    all of you people recommending what label he joins are idiots. first off, he probably won’t see your comments. second, you probably know nothing about the label other than the fact that you like their music and want yela on the same label. it’s like telling justin bieber to join ymcmb.

  • CrossBone187 Tha 2012 Assassin

    boy you dumb fuckin haters wouldnt know music if it slapped you with something other than retards like mac miller or tyler the creator.yela is more real than mgk and mgk would be better if he stuck to his roots before he moved to america hed be good.yall must be smokin that synthetic shit that really fuck up your brain.stick to the earthgrown cuz your taste in music is turnin ya too stupid.



  • shay 33

    yo wolfs the shit the radio active album was a dope project soniclly and conceptionally i just feel not enough people took the time to get on yelas sound lyrics r hard to sell even if the scope and em are backing ya

  • Tago

    You know… He don’t sold your soul to the illuminati’s.