Update: Mac Miller Responds to Lord Finesse’s $10 Million Lawsuit

Well, that didn’t take long.

Moments after the Wednesday (July 11) news broke about Digging in The Crates founder and producer Lord Finesse suing Mac Miller and Rostrum Records for $10 million for sampling his “Hip 2 Da Game,” Mac took to his Twitter to respond.

“I’m supposed to be on hush, but lemme speak on this real quick,” Mac started tweeting Wednesday, before providing five bullet points, defending his reasoning for sampling the cut.

“1. I made that record and video as nothing more than an 18 year old kid who wanted to rhyme and pay homage, no other intentions,” Mac added. “2. Finesse and I spoke on the phone for an hour after he heard the record and cleared the air. 3. We even planned to work on music together. 3. All I wanted to do is shed light on a generation that inspired me. 4. When I heard there was a problem, I reached out to him to try and solve it. No response. 5. Finesse never cleared the Oscar Peterson sample on the original record. I did nothing wrong. We spoke on the phone had a good conversation, he was cool with the record. It’s all love tho. I ain’t even mad at dude. He still a legend.”

Mac closed out, stating: “Lord Finesse, thank you for what u did for hip hop. Thank you for bringing my favorite rapper into the game. I should just drop some new music.”

Finesse responded via his own Twitter, saying: “This case is about the overall picture..If you’re just looking at “one” point..It’s about so much more #look deeper..”

Earlier today, AllHipHop posted the news of Finesse suing Mac and Rostrum Records for “copyright infringement,” amongst other claims, for sampling his “Hip 2 the Game” record on Mac’s “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” from his K.I.D.S. mixtape.

Finesse has also sued DatPiff.com, the mixtape website, which initially made Mac’s offering available for download.

Mac’s “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” counts over 24 million views on YouTube, while his K.I.D.S. mixtape has been downloaded over 500,000 times.

The indie rapper’s album, Blue Slide Park, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart last November after moving 144,000 units.

That charting marked the first independently-distributed debut album by an act to reach No. 1 since 1995, according to Billboard.

More recently, XXLMag.com named Mac Miller the top independent rapper.—Jakinder Singh

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  • n.o.y.b.

    how do you sue for a sample on a MIXTAPE? he is not profiting from it it is free it just to build hype an for promotional purposes as long as he not making money off it he should be able to sample whatever he wants.

    • pimpnasty

      Yea what he said! Promoting your product can’t help you make money!

  • Oazz

    ^^ Nuff’said

  • los

    wow i love the golden era but these dude are bunch of bitches. suing over a song that is on a mixtape….let that sink in…. A MOTHERFUCKING MIXTAPE. i dont see adele suing krit, i dont see bobby gettin sued by the beatles or paul mccartney for lonely people, or wiz quoting birdman “i tat my body up i dont give a mothafuck” i guess the foodstamp game is real tight these days. how bout taking the show of respect that a kid is using your song instead of a lex luger recycle beat or some fucking one hit wonder shit like racks on racks or cashing out

  • M.A

    The lawsuit is going to get tossed away. Mac Miller did not profit off of the material, which means that there are no grounds for any legal action.

  • dee1

    mixtape or not. maybe this will teach mac millers whack ass to stop touchin good music

  • yoyo

    wow stupid americans and their sueing.. hes an independent artist trying to make it on his own.. cut dude a break all these suits gonna be the end of him.

  • tmoro

    lol independent artist? The guy has been backed by Rostrum and Atlantic since before his first mix tape. Also the suits aren’t about just random promotional mix tapes, they’re about live performances, advertising revenue, and digital sales. If people pay to see you perform, you owe performance royalties. They are trying to bypass that by saying the songs made no profit which is obviously crap.