When you ask Stalley about his work on Rick Ross’ new LP God Forgives, I Don’t, the Ohio native grins and doles out fond recollections of recording for Bawse's big project.

“Me and him did a few songs for his album. What will make it, I don’t know,” he told XXL a few weeks back, before it was revealed that he would be featured on “Ten Jesus Pieces."

“Maaan!” he exclaimed after finding out that he made the cut. “You know how AZ was with Nas on ‘Life’s A Bitch”? [You will be like] who’s this young nigga right here?’ I’m excited to say the least.”

Besides working on Ross's LP, Stalley just headlined the Montreal Jazz Fest in Canada, as well as performed in Paris for the World for the World Basketball Games. One of these days—he promises—his touring schedule will allow him to go back and record his debut LP. If everything goes right, MMG may just put out his debut before the end of 2012. Although he doesn’t have a release date as of yet, he does have the apt space in mind to inspire him and his music.

“It’s just starting,” he said of the album. “I got a house upstate [New York].  A big mansion on top of a mountain. Swimming pool sitting on top of 20 acres of land. That’s my getaway to get away and write. I did about four records. I was out there for two days. I did four records, they sound great. I don’t know if they’re album [material], but we’re just trying to figure out the formula. The concept of the album and where we want to go, I have a few producers I’m working with for the bulk of the album then we’re gonna call in some other names, some bigger names to be apart of the project. If anybody knows Stalley and my music and how I put together projects and mixtapes, they always are cohesive and tell a story from top to bottom. I wanna keep that and amplify it. I got some producers I’m working with. I got The Block Beattaz who worked on Savage Journey [To The American Dream.]Soundtrakk who did some stuff Savage Journey… and has worked with Lupe [Fiasco] in the past. I also have Rashad who worked on Lincoln [Way Nights]. We’re gonna sit down and come up with a sound.”—Shaheem Reid