Pitbull has performed in cities all around the world.

But one of his next destinations even marks a first for the popular Miami rapper.

Yesterday (July 17), it was announced that Pitbull will be bringing his act to Kodiak, Alaska to perform. The chart-topper has never performed there, as the destination isn’t exactly a hotbed for big-time artists to perform.

This is the case because in a recent promotion with Walmart and Sheets Energy Strips, Pitbull agreed to visit whichever Walmart got the most “likes” on its Facebook page.

According to the Associated Press, Boston Phoenix writer David Thorpe egged people to “like” the Walmart in Kodiak as a joke of sending Pitbull all the way to the Last Frontier. Well, the joke had legs and Pitbull wants to go through with it.

While on tour in Madrid, Spain yesterday, Pitbull talked about performing in Alaska.

“I heard that Kodiak, Alaska, has the most likes due to someone who thinks he was playing a prank,” Pitbull said in a YouTube video. “I said, ‘Okay, great, this sounds really good.’ You have to understand, I will go anywhere in the world for my fans.”

The details of the performance are still being worked out.—Jakinder Singh