The people believe in Kanye West and Yeezy damn sure believes in himself. 

Last night (July 6), he put on a compelling, triumphant two-hour and 15 minute show at Atlantic City, New Jersey's newest mega casino and hotel, the Revel Resorts. Towards the end of the electrifying concert, the iconic music maven had a lighthearted moment of clarity.

"I make perfect music....this is the best you will ever get," he said onstage in front of the sold out crowd, grinning. "I'm not saying that in an arrogant way, I'm saying that in a factual way...but as a human being I'm flawed. I thank you for bearing with the audacity. This evening I thank you so much for listening to this good ass music."

Joking or not, who can debate Kanye's track record? Each of his six albums (five solo and one group effort with Jay-Z) are platinum-plus and praised by critics and fans for being classics.

Last night at Revel during two acts, he paraded out the hits, seemingly all of them. He took the stage at slightly after 10 p.m. and a little over an hour a later, he stunned the crowd by saying "By the way, we just about to start the show."

Act 1 of the show commenced with the instrumental of "H.A.M" playing and around 20 of Yeezy's female dancers, who some refer to ballerinas, taking the stage.

Standing on a crane, Kanye appeared from the floor in the middle of the rising machine and way above the screaming fans with smoke filling the air as special effects. The crane circled the crowd as 'Ye rapped, “Dark Fantasy.”

He was then lowered to stage for "Power." He performed that song standing at the mic stand and ended with his dancers all laying on the ground.

"Yee-zee!” “Yee-zee” yelled the crowd. Kanye then told his DJ to “Drop my new shit!" as he went into, “Way Too Cold” next. Much like he did at the 2012 BET Awards this past Sunday (July 1), 'Ye transitioned right into his verse from “New God Flow.” No beat, just the rhymes. 

“Hold up, I ain’t tryna stunt man,” Kanye began. The audience then drowned out his second line reciting it themselves, “But the Yeezy’s jumped over the jumpman!” Of course, Kanye is referring to his Nike Air Yeezy sneakers being better than Michael Jordan’s sneakers with the iconic jumpman logo.

Pleasantly surprised that his fans knew the words to the brand new song, he started over.

“Hold up, I ain’t tryna stunt man/But the Yeezy’s jumped over the jumpman,” he rapped. “Went from most hated to the champion God flow/I guess that’s a feeling only me and LeBron know/I’m living three dreams, Biggie Smalls, Dr. King, Rodney King’s/Uh, cause we can’t get along, no resolution/Till we drown all these haters, rest in peace to Whitney Houston/Cars, money, girls and the clothes/Aww man, you sold your soul…”

From there, Kanye ripped through a flurry of familiars: “Diamonds,” “Monster,” “Flashing Lights” and the Act 1 closer “Good Life.”

During rapping, “Can’t Tell Me Nothin,” Kanye said:

“You know this my favorite shit!”

During Act 2, Yeezy gave the green light for his Caucasian fans to say the N-word. This came during the top of, “All Of The Lights.”

"This the one chance y'all get to say it,” he told them. “So when I say ‘M.J. gone,’ I need y'all to say, ‘Our nigga dead!’”

During “Say You Will,” he spoke once again of the song’s inspiration, being stood up by one of his exes.

“This is story I wrote about Friday nights in New York City,” he explained. “When you're in town for just a couple days. And you know its all types of numbers you have in your phone. But there's this one person. It’s really the only one you wanna see. You text her…”

“Run This Town” and “Mercy” were all done solo (a light “2 Chainz” chant went out at the end of the latter by audience members who wanted to see the ATL MC), but Pusha T—the only cameo of the night—popped up for “Runaway." 

Although there were no records from Watch The Throne performed, Kanye left no stone unturned from his solo opuses, “Through The Wire,” “Gold Digger,” “Stronger” and the finale “Hey Mama.”

Kanye will perform his second and final show at Revel Saturday night (July 7).–Shaheem Reid