Flicks of the Week: 7/23-7/29

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  • fatjoe_ye
    Fat Joe shoots the"Pride & Joy" video with Kanye West, Ashanti, & Miguel.
  • RitaOra
    Rita Ora excited in the studio to drop her album 'ORA' on August 27.
  • tde
    TDE out in Amsterdam.
  • nicki_tip
    T.I showing Nicki Minaj support and love on <i>Pink Fiday Tour</i>.
  • TA_video shoot
    Troy Ave video shoot for <i>De Facto</i>.
  • chris_magic_swizz
    Chris Brown, Magic Johnson and Swizz Beatz hits the studio out in Cannes.
  • wiz_game
    Wiz and Game spark up in the studio.
  • Beiber
    Justin Bieber and Big Sean out in Detroit.
  • yg_videoshoot
    YG on the set of the "Cali Living" video shoot.
  • ah_106
    Ace Hood showing love at 106 & Park.
  • tyga_chuckie
    YMCMB bros Tyga and Lil Chuckie.
  • KI_videoshoot
    Kid Ink on the set of "Hell & Back" video shoot.
  • nasir_rozay
    Nas and Ricky Rozay catching up.
  • keef_miami
    Chief Keef enjoying himself out in Miami.
  • woods_scrappy
    Lil Scrappy and Chevy Woods chilling.
  • masterP
    Big Sean catching up with Master P.
  • flo_london
    Flo doing his thing out in London.
  • GZ_onstage
    Gorilla Zoe rocking the stage.
  • bigstage_wiz
    Wiz had over 18 thousand Taylor's turnt up in Cincinnati.
  • boy_Milly
    Meek Mill kicking it with Chino.
  • 2chainz_slim
    Slim Thug, 2 Chainz, and Paul Wall enjoying the club.
  • nelly_105.1
    Nelly showing love on The Breakfast Club power 105.1.
  • indy_wk
    Wiz kicking it with some fans after his show in Indiana.
  • gameinstudio
    Game sippin and smoking while working in the studio.
  • juicyj_radio
    Juicy J showing love at the radio station KUBE93.
  • nasir_sd
    Nas rocking a dope crowd in Salt Lake City.
  • rockie_rozay
    Ricky kicking it with Rockie Fresh.
  • jez_summerjam
    Jeezy ready to shut down summerjam in NC.
  • Sean_radio
    Big Sean showing love at News Radio 102.7.
  • wiz and chuckie
    Wiz Khalifa teams up with Lil Chuckie and his dad.

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Best of XXL

  • B-LO

    Ross may have more buzz right now, but jeezy is hands down the better artist and always will be.

    • CaponeMOB

      Album Review UPDATE!..hahaha from now on i swear im goin to update you niggaz weak reviews..haahaha

      for all the niggaz that REALLY want to know the REAL review with the XXLMAG coorperate bias bullshit aside,this is how the album really is.

      Lyrics a solid M. originality an M. for Beats, between an L an XL which would be like a 3.5 in digits.

      so the album comes down to a 3.5 outta 5. which would be an L. and thats cuz of some of the features and beats he got.if it wasnt for that the rating would have been way lower. REAL TALK.

    • supreme knowledge

      lol you clowns. Jeezy is wack as fuck and everybody knows it. Hes aint fuckin with rozay which is one reason ross made him look like a bitch on “summers mine” and “rich forever”. Then jeezsy denied dissing ross. lmao This album will outsell jeezy’s last album. Yall just mad as fuck cause ross made another classic. Aint it funny how yall niggas bring up jeezy on a webpage that gives a success rick ross review? That right there shows how insecure you guys are. Ross shitted on jeezy and you know it. Jeezy is done and he will never be on top again unless ross stops and thats not happening. Ross has already replaced him

    • datboyiskray

      How is ross overrated? Yall clowns are mad as fuck. See, this is the tyoe of shit weak niggas do. Yall bring up jeezy on a ross article. Jeezy is done. I tired supporting him and bought that wack ass tm103 and i thew that shit in the trash. Just accept the fact that ross is still on top and aint shit yall can do about it. Keep sucking jeezys dick. Ross got him better lyrically and musically and ross is also more consistent than jeezy.

  • ROBD916

    shit was not what i expected, way too much r & b for me thats that shit i dont like, sixteen though made the whole album worth it

  • Sharoyce Antwan

    @B-Lo knows that Jeezy is more of a well rounded individual. He never had to lie on wax inorder to seem bigger than he actually is.

  • CaponeMOB

    man you guys overrate Rick Ross so much to the point i dont even listen to the nigga no more since port of miami,not to mention the officer Ricky shit that i cant take him serious as a drug lord. but i did download the album to see whats the buzz was about. shit had the typical 3 good songs at BEST,and the rest basically R&B Shit. XL for originality? whats so original about the songs and the shit he raps about? XL for Lyrics? exactly what was rewind worthy,quote me an ill verse or rhyme he said? i only agree with the XL for beats. thats about it. its obvious you niggaz will slap an XL for lyrics,originality,and beats on ANY fucking rapper that has a Buzz and is on your magazine cover. evrey body knows Ross has no good lyrics to deserve an XL. Nas got an XXL for lyrics,so you niggaz are telling me Nas is only 1 Level above Ross?.hahhahahaha fuck outta here!

  • atown don

    @B-LO which young jezzy you talkn bout??? They one who claim to have ran wit BMF & Meech but never actually did, or the one whos patna got murked & he squashed the BEEF with the G Gucci Man!? Im just tryin to figure out which one you’re talkn bout?? @ Sharoyce Antwan the same question for you…

  • @CJonno90

    A Rick Ross album XL for originality bwahahahahahahahhahahahaha!



  • Tru Talk


  • noah

    i agree with Tru Talk. XL my ass. L at the very highest. And thats pushing it

  • L

    This is an M MAX! I wouldnt even bootleg this shit

  • kedordu


  • balaramesh

    cool album. but ross getting XL for originality??? it’s a couple contrived songs on the album.

  • kukluxswag

    triple beam dream was my favorite track of this album

  • hank3

    rick ross is and always will be wack, he’s not lyrical @ all, erbody on here has an opinion so respect it, post your comment w/o out all the hey so & so this & that, Nas’ new one wasn’t a let down, J elect is bought to drop some real science, k. lamar hopefully can spit in the execs faces and drop, man the powers that be need to take the game back….

  • D-LOW

    never fails. you give this fuckin retard an xl while real rappers get the same score. slaughterhouse drops their shit in 3 weeks and i guarantee they get the same fuckin score as this fat no talent gimmick act

  • Mark

    Just kick back and watch what happens to this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    listen to neva gave a fuck!