The wheels are still in motion. As previously reported, Scarface and Beanie Sigel have committed to releasing a joint LP under the moniker Mac N Brad. Though they won't start recording until they've released their respective LPs, Facemob tells plans for Mac N Brad are coming together.

"I think the name of the album’s gon be The First 48," 'Face revealed. "We gon do a double album. First 48, Second 48. Beanie came up with that shit. It’s dope. The minute that everything is a go, we gon put our lives on camera and we gon record the first one in 48 hours."

Don't expect 'Face and Beans to conceptualize the entire record from scratch.

"We gon record the album in 48 hours, but it’s gonna be prepared, though," the legendary Houston MC explained.  "I think we gon go all internet for the first couple of weeks. We gon drop that bitch, as soon as we done, we gon upload. And there it is, bam!"—Carl Chery (@cchery)