As his 10th solo album, Life Is Good, approaches release date (July 17th), Nas claims he’s slightly “nervous” about wrapping up the project.

“At this time I start thinking about records I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done,” Nas told MTV News.

His longtime producer and friend, Salaam Remi (who has previously produced the rapper’s 2002 hit, “Made You Look”), however, assures Nas that Life Is Good is in good shape.

In an interview with MTV News on June 12, Nas stated that Salaam Remi compared Life Is Good to significant releases the producer has worked on in the past including Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black and notably, The Fugees’ seminal sophomore album, The Score.

“Salaam was telling me, he thinks this record feels to him like [Back To Black] and [The Fugges’] The Score,” said Nas. “He says it feels like that about the record.”

Featuring production from Salaam Remi, No I.D., Heavy D, Swizz Beatz, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and Da Internz, Life Is Good has so far released three singles, including “Daughters,” a personal reflection of Nas speaking to his daughter, Destiny Jones. His previously released singles, “Nasty” and “The Don,” have garnered positive reviews for Nas’ poignant lyricism and throwback New York City sound.

The album cover of Life Is Good, features a contemplative Nas with his ex-wife Kelis’ wedding dress on his lap. It has stirred up discussions within the hip-hop community, and Nas’ open attitude towards his personal life.

Despite having last-minute doubts about the album, Nas affirms that Life Is Good is a “complete piece of work.” —Jaeki Cho (@JaekiCho)