The New York State Liquor Authority suspended the sale of alcohol at the W.i.P. nightclub—the home of Chris Brown and Drake’s infamous June 13th bottle throwing melee—on Tuesday night (June 26), citing 17 Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Violation infractions since March, . It appears to be the final nail in the coffin for the nightclub, which was shut down indefinitely June 16th, three days after the high profile brawl took place.

“The SLA will not tolerate violent bars that break the law,” stated Denis Rosen, Chairman of the SLA, which took finally took action against the nightclub after a string of violent incidents in recent months, as reported by the New York Daily News.

After being cited last Friday, the club’s owners responded with a lawsuit against the state for breach of contract. The suit claims the nightclub was operating under a security plan the SLA had approved in 2011 and the club’s $264,000 per week losses have prevented the owners from compensating the club’s staff.

But the SLA isn’t the only one the W.i.P are concerned with. NBA point guard, Tony Parker, filed a $20 million dollar lawsuit against the nightclub last week, when he suffered an injury to his eye when he was struck by shards of glass flying during the Drake/Breezy clash. Parker may miss the 2012 Olympic Games as a result of the injury.

Three women were also amongst those injured, along with Brown himself (suffered a nasty gash on his chin) and his bodyguard, Big Pat, who suffered a massive gash across his forehead, needing stitches to close the wound. The incident, which also allegedly involved MMG's Meek Mill, was reportedly over Rihanna, who Brown counts as an ex-girlfriend and Drizzy and Meek each include as an alleged former flame.—XXL Staff