Given his circumstances, Max B seems to be keeping in good spirits. The Harlem rapper, who’s serving his 75-year prison sentence on murder conspiracy and robbery charges in New Jersey, held onto hopes of his ongoing appeal setting him free and being able to deliver more music to fans during an interview with Statik Selektah’s ShowOff Radio program last night (May 31).

“I’m about to touch down real soon,” Max B said. “I come home, I’m on my contract situation, so yeah, there’s definitely going to be a Max Biggavel album. I’m gonna give ya’ll a couple Max Biggavel albums. I’m always going to be me and be in my own box, my own category. I’m second to none, I’m one of a kind. When I hit the town, I just can’t wait to get back into the studio. Ya’ll are gonna be thrilled.

“I’m trying to set my business straight, handle everything,” he continued, “get all my stuff in order because my shit was all over the place.”

Although his imprint isn’t set in stone, Max revealed that whatever music he does indeed release will come out via Gang Green/Wavy Baby Entertainment.

While talking to Statik, Max also took the time to salute his friend French Montana on his success.

“I’m happy for niggas,” he said. “Even though I couldn’t really elevate myself, I tried to make sure that my niggas are in a position where they could do good for themselves. French is doing his thing. I’m proud of him.”

Max didn’t end the call without spitting a short, slick freestyle and delivering a promising message to his fans.

“Smoking on that cheech and chong, put together/Look at the watch, bezel under bezel. I’m on another muthafuckin’ level.”

He added: “I’m staying strong. I’m focused. I’m praying. God is good. I’m still wavy, aooww.”

In February false reports surface that Max's appeal had been denied, when in fact it's still ongoing.—Jakinder Singh