Kendrick Lamar was indirectly thrown in middle of Peter Rosenberg and Nicki Minaj's current controversy this past Sunday (June 3) at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert, after the station's radio personality labeled "Starships" as "bullshit" before introducing the Compton MC to the stage.

Lightly touching on the matter earlier today (June 6) during his appearance on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club morning show, K. Dot mentioned not being aware of the issue before he hit the stage. "Man, I was backstage I didn't even know that, that was going on onstage," he replied about the incident. "I would be hot, she got all the right reasons to be [upset] and do all that she did."

When asked if he would still perform if in that scenario, the former XXL Freshman answered, "I'd still perform though."

This comes after Lauryn, and recently Nas, gave their thoughts on the debacle. God's Son weighed in on the news with Rap-Up, saying "I think it was just really messy" in regards to the whole fiasco. "When you’re in the heat of that moment, no one has time to inform anybody, but we spoke after it briefly and it seemed like it was a crazy situation for her to handle."

"When put in that position, it’s no easy thing and I guess I was in support of her, in support of Hot 97. I’ve been there before, so at the end of the day, it could be fixed. It’s one hip-hop family, let’s unify it."

While talking on Power 105.1, K. Dot also took the time to explain linking up with Dr. Dre—who appears on the rapper's current single "The Recipe."

"Man, after years of putting in work, I started doing shows, setting up shows in L.A. [and the buzz] just finally caught the attention," Kendrick said. "I was with Top Dawg Entertainment, independent company, for years. Just the grind and putting out tapes, he saw one of my YouTube videos, ‘Ignorance is Bliss.’ I was on the road with Tech N9ne at the time, with Jay Rock. He called the phone, called my engineer’s phone, said he was looking for us. We thought it was fake and what not.”

After hitting the studio with the heavyweight beatsmith, K. Dot revealed that the two immediately worked on joints for Detox.

"We were just banging out records for Detox, and he was like, 'Man, you got the potential to really do something,'" Kendrick continued. "The whole thing was, he wanted to get me in the studio and really catch a vibe. … He said the chemistry was there and he wanted to go all the way with it.”

Kendrick's current Dr. Dre-assisted "The Recipe" single is now available on iTunes.—Ralph Bristout