Jay-Z Loses Guinness World Record

Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t and the numbers now show that Jay-Z no longer holds the Guinness World Record for the most live concerts performed in 24 hours in different locations.

The Flaming Lips now hold the world record after performing in eight different cities, one more than Jigga.

As a part of “The Hangar Tour,” Hova set the record in November of 2006, the same month he dropped Kingdom Come, by performing in seven different cities which were Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, in that specific order.

“History in the making, part 18,” Jay stated at 5:58 a.m. in Atlanta, back in 2006, as reported by MTV News. Then after hitting the stage at 6:19 a.m., Hova said to the crowd, “This is a moment in time. It’s more than history.”

“I’m crazy,” Jigga replied, in 2006, when asked by Shaheem Reid, now XXL’s Editor-at-Large, why he wanted to complete the remarkable task. “I’m trying to bring some excitement back to the game.”

By the same token, the Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne was not too interested in being a part of the Guinness Book of World Records. However, after he and his fellow rockers made it to New Orleans for the final show of the day with close to an hour to work with, Coyne referred to the feat as an “absurd joy.”

Jay seemed to feel a similar joy when he first set the world record all those years ago. “We did it!” Hova yelled to his entourage after wrapping up The Hangar Tour in Las Vegas. – Christopher Minaya (@CM_3)

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    forget this Camel, GAME ripped him to pieces with Jaz-o…support the RED album, hiphop lives on with Game..F.I.V.E…haters beware..

    • Fuck You Game Dick Rider

      I didnt read shit in this article about Game , Fucking retard!

    • VoiceofReason

      The Game has fallen off fam, RED album was a bust. And you comment on every story saying Game is real hiphop, are you secretly the Game himself? Are you so embarrassed by what you’ve become that you’ve had to comment on XXL articles to make yourself feel relevant? Well I got news for you, it’s over.
      TDE or kill yourself

  • fuck the GAME!

    well motherfuckers read the name

  • jrash87

    this should humble jigga a lil bit, that dude think hes jesus or somthin, an yea at THA TRUTH, dude stop it hey, ur embarassing ur self. I think the game is dope but come on..That shit is getting played out. Im huge NAS fan, and u dont see me jumpin on here goin NAS this and NAS that, fuck man..get a life

  • real hip hop The Game

    haters gonna hate The Game is one of the realest

  • Nate

    Flaming Lips are a good band. Fight test, good song.

  • acv66

    game over , red bottoms up ,last time game made he news he was planking in the mall from a 1,2 combo.

  • HOPS1N