Shade 45 is the last place listeners would ever expect to hear the Game do an interview. But that’s exactly what happened over the weekend, when the Compton rhyme slinger and former G-Unit member called in to speak to DJ Whoo Kid.

“Nigga, this is the first time I’m on Shade 45!” Game proclaimed at one point during the interview, which happened on Saturday (June 16). “It’s a beautiful day. I may get a retweet from Banks today.”

Saying that NBA star Metta World Peace prompted him to call in, the Game and Whoo Kid quickly caught up on the air, before they addressed his well-documented beef with 50 Cent and G-Unit.

“You know what it is, man, it happened how it happened, but it has never been no love lost,” Game told Whoo Kid about his beef with G-Unit that sparked back in 2005 and resulted in both sides, but moreso the Game dropping numerous diss records. “Niggas just gotta stand up and defend their honor, man, you know what I’m saying.”

Game, who has dissed 50 throughout the years, but has also tried to reconcile with him, says their beef is so old that he’d be up for officially squashing the tension with the G-Unit General if given the opportunity.

“After a while, it’s been so long, I don’t care about that shit, man,” he told Whoo Kid. “So, if it’s an opportunity to make some money, then it’s all good. If not, if 50 let’s his ego control him, then that’s all good too, man. But I’m all good, man. I ain’t trippin’ off nobody unless somebody’s trippin’ …then I’m a turn it all the way up.”

While on the air, Game also addressed his relationship with Dr. Dre.

“I seen Dre not too long ago,” he said. “He was chill, I’m chill. If it’s a business, I’m in. If not, I’m chillin’.”

This past March, Game told that his next album would be called, F.I.V.E.: Fear Is Victory’s Evolution.—Jakinder Singh