Dreamgirl Has a Lot of Love to Give

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Dreamgirl (@n_v_dreamgirl) got her nickname because she and her college girlfriends loved watching the movie “Dreamgirls” during their dorm days. Now, the curvaceous aspiring entrepreneur wants to spread love while building her brand. She has a lot to offer. — XXL Staff (@xxl)

What’s your ultimate dream for yourself?

To be honest, I want to build a brand. I want to dibble and dabble in everything. Right now I’m into like, make-up. Not necessarily lipstick and things like that, but like actually make-up. Foundation, blush, eye shadow—MAC and all the other brands are mad expensive. I walked out of Mac the other day, and I had lipgloss, foundation, and I think one other item. And I almost spent $100 dollars.

You want to sell affordable make-up?

Yeah, have my own little make-up brand, but like I said, dibble and dabble in everything.

On yout Twitter profile it says you’re a philanthropist. What is your cause?

I was describing love, and I feel that’s what I do. I give a lot of love and I make sure that I tell people to be who they are and make sure that they love their selves. Another thing that I wanna do with the modeling is I wanna inspire young girls to love themselves and who they are.

If you ever have the money to start up a charity, what would you focus on?

I would like to start one up in Detroit. Just for girls to have confidence and self-esteem. Because now, I feel old watching the younger generation grow up because these girls are so outta control. I think it’s just because they don’t have nobody at home telling them to love themselves. Because a lot of the parents are younger. So you have a parent that’s tryna be a parent, and a friend at the same time. And you really can’t do both. So I just wanna give the girls someone to come to, talk to, tell them how thy’re feeling, what’s going on in school? When I was growing up in school, we didn’t have the whole Internet and twitter. The most we had was Black Panet.

What do you think about the kids today?

They just all over the place. I hear ‘em talk. When I’m getting my nails done, at the nail salon— I had to ask this one girl. I said, “How old are you?” She said, “15.”

Who taught you those lessons at that age?

I’m blessed to have both parents in my life. My parents were there, but at the end of the day, I love modeling. And my parents are not as supportive of my modeling as I wish they would be. Because they don’t see it how I see it. They’re just like, you know, “You’re taking your clothes off and blah, blah.” I was like, “You know what, it’s not necessarily that, but this is the market that I appeal to.I’m curvaceous and iget it from my mom— she’s curvaceous just like me.

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    a mutha-fawkin BANGER mane! i’d nut all up IN that ho!

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    Detroit has a few good qualities.

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    gross . ugly and dark

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    This messages is 2 LEA i respect your opinion on how u feel about this beautiful goddess but 2 make comments like gross ugly and dark tells me u color prejudice against your own kind and thats a form of racism against ourselves IF U HAVE NOTHING POSITIVE 2 SAY TOWARDS HELPING SOMEBODY BE BETTER THAN LEAVE YOUR RACIST COMMENTS TO YOURSELVES. KEEP DOING YOUR THING QUEEN YOUR A DREAM TO ME.

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    I follow her on twitter & she seems like a sweet heart @N_V_Dreamgirl

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