50 Cent’s Next Album Entitled Five (Murder by Numbers)

50 Cent has an official name for his next studio album—Five (Murder by Numbers).

During an interview with Hot 107.9 Philly on Wednesday (June 13), 50 disclosed the new title of his next LP.

“@50cent has a new album dropping July 3rd called Five (Murder by Numbers). Make sure you go and get that,” tweeted the Philadelphia radio station. G-Unit then confirmed the album title with XXLMag.com.

Today’s announcement comes after ’Fif told fans that his album would be coming out on July 3rd, whether Interscope backs him up or not in late May.

“I’m focused on my music watch how things shift july 3 album #5 is coming out with or with out INTERSCOPE.#SK,” 50 tweeted out to his legions of fans last month.

Moments later, he clarified that he has no bad blood with Interscope, but he doesn’t want to make his fans keep waiting.

“I have no beef with INTERSCOPE i love making music but I’m tired waiting,” he tweeted. “I’m releasing #5 july3 funny the 4th is independence day :o)

“#5 the album comes out 7.3.12 just in time for the cook outs and partying that go’s on,on the 4th my birthdays is the 6 I’m celebrating,” he added.

Last June, around this time, 50 blasted his label for what he felt like was a lack of support.

“Ok I tried to be cool with my record company,” he wrote in a string of tweets last June. “I went to the meeting [and] talk[ed] to everyone and shit feels like [they're] moving in slow motion. I’m sorry to announce I will not be releasing a new album this year if we don’t get on the same page.”—Jakinder Singh

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    yo FIFTY, how dare you bite Games album title…you planet of the apes looking fool…red album destroyed any of your albums fool…PLUS GAMES F.I.V.E is gonna be another classic that even you cant stop…thanks for the free promo though…PUNK

    • TruthBeTold

      man all you do is talk shit and fuck with the red album. shits old news now, no disrespect to the game i thought that album was sick but it deffinately wasnt a classic.. he had a couple songs with good *FEATURES* other than that its not alot different from every game album ever.

      • THA TRUTH

        @TruthBe Told..yo relax homeboy…Im a Game fan…Im supporting a real G…a REAL artist..and Real hiphop..mind your business, what you care what I write, all of GAMES albums are cflassics, he brings somethign new to hiphop..spits from the heart…I dont talk shit, I speak THA TRUTH..watch your mouth

        • Y.O.

          LOL..if you’re a real Game fan then you should damn well know he hasn’t made a classic album since Doctor’s Advocate..and even that wasn’t as good as his first

          50 ain’t gon sell well and Game definitely won’t either..espec if he has more guest verses than his own on this album again
          youd also know Game doesn’t bring ANYTHING new..he raps about the same shit all the time
          he can rap, but he’s not original in any way whatsoever..so deal wit “tha truth” g

        • boricua239

          the game is wack 50 wrote alot of is rap game is not a real g he fake even his real brother said it the dude is gay trying to cover the butterfly tat and then work at his mom strip club as a stripper….wo u call dat a g…..i question ur g status is u think dat a g it all bout g-unit

    • Thoma$

      Both of these drama queen ass nigga’s stole there album titles from Beyonce, an R&B singer. & realize if it wasn’t for 50, there wouldn’t be no Game. Just like Jay-z said to Cam

      “He’s sellin low too
      Only time you went plat
      My chain was around yout neck, thats an actual fact”

      Just like 50 did in the past, he’s gonna outsell Game, w/o Wayne being all over his albums like Game. “R.E.D” & “HFM2″ SOLD 200,000, well actually Banks sold 700,000 w/ the exception of a Gold selling single, probably Platinum by now.

    • Rage

      your so far from the truth you pos…get off 50 cents page bitch ass pussy

  • Grant

    cant wait for this album itll shit all over game’s next album definately buying 50 cents new album the day it comes out! ggggg unit





    • Thoma$

      More like the most controversial since Pac. Both average as fuck when it comes to spitting. Both these cats fake as fuck, dissed the shit outta other rappers for higher sales or outta jealousy, & now neither can go Platinum off an album.

      “Pac’s Life” 2006, still at an embarrassing 300,000..globally.

      “Before I Self Destruct” 2009, still at an embarrassing under 500,000 sold in the U.S.

      & before grown men start crying, those sales are pathetic sales for some dudes who went 8X & 9XPlatinum a few years ago..well at least when they wanted people to feel sorry for they ass after they got shot.

  • Rick

    Game – F.I.V.E.: Fear Is Victory’s Evolution — / DGC Records / Interscope Records / — 2012

  • aaron


  • jrash87

    50, you is the man!! ive been watching you since guesse whos back and seen how much youve grown. look at this s.k. movement. how many artist actualy do that??? none.narda. game is a dick rider that says some dope shit from time to time, but as in classic? haha come of it brah. bisd had me goin through more motions than red ever did. becuase curtis says how hes seen it. game just trys 2 be like nas and comes off corny. im a fan of both and alot of other rappers, and serously, fifty, is goeing to be hailed as one of the greatest. not just in hiphop, but how he changed the world. sit back and watch ya dumb fucks