50 Cent Still Plans to Drop Album July 3, Says Floyd Mayweather Isn’t Doing Well

50 Cent accompanied Floyd Mayweather to the ring before his recent fight, but the Queens rapper can’t help his best friend now that the world famous boxer’s behind bars.

“He’s not doing good right now,” 50 told Philadelphia radio station Hot 107.9. “He only been out seven hours since he been in there. They doin’ everything to make this difficult. Even if it’s 23 hours, you supposed to be out one hour a day. And he only been out seven hours. In these scenarios, I think the jealousy factor—even people to watch Floyd fight, not all of them watch to see him win. They lookin’ at the past. The greatest fighters in the past have had moments where they fought someone that wasn’t actually as good as them. They beat them because age caught up with them.”

Fif also expressed disappointment with the outcome of this past weekend’s fight, in which Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley in a controversial decision. “It’s a shame that boxing is still having to go through that. Vegas, they got us this time,” he said.

In addition to boxing and his recent sit down with Oprah, the G-Unit general also spoke on his upcoming album, which he announced would be called Five (Murder By Numbers). “I’m releasing the record anyway,” he said, referencing the fact that he seemed to not have the support of his label, Interscope. “I said I was gonna put a record out that was completely up to album standard July 3, and I’ma do that. I’ve worked on this album for a long period of time, and now it’s comin’ around. For a lot of people, they don’t understand the actual business portion of what they’re watching; they just see entertainment. It’s been three years since my last album.”

50 Cent says Five (Murder By Numbers) will be available to the public via iTunes and Amazon on July 3. —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)

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  • t-bag

    floyd..u a pussy nigga…..its only 90 days nigga…..what u get fo slappin yo bitch nigga…all up in front yo kids nigga…got what u deserve nigga….50 waitin on you fuck nigga..u b allright nigga.. Ima detroit player nigga….313 bitch

  • jrash87

    agreed, i second the detroit playa

  • G/Code

    Floyd hold ya head homie ! Boxing is just like pro wrestling fake and fix its a bizness first look at how much money is going to be made for the rematch but they could have at least let bradley knock the pac man down to try and fool us they been taking dives and phatom punches for years, 50 and this new album nobody really looking for that he doesnt have that hunger any more and he need dr dre , scott storch, or the DOC on this cd if not its doomed and even interscope unhappy!

  • adezzel

    Say floyd what goes around comes around its the theory of life my man u walk around flashing money u think u better than most u cocky arrogant fuck and u bitching over 90 days u a real hoe what u need evian water and don p 2 drink what penintentary water aint good enuff lol WELL GOD HAS HIS WAYS OF MAKING U MONKEY ASS MEN KNOW THERES NO G.O.D BEFORE HE SO WHEN U THINK THE WORLD OWE U SOMETHING JACK HES THE DECISION MAKER FOOL DONT DROP THE EVIAN BITCH.

  • Bluntz RL

    Homey man up u hit a woman!!! no so tough now bitch

  • alderman j

    yall niggas ignorant…..for real!!!

  • Brand-New

    I don’t feel the least bit bad for Floyd, maybe next time before he hits a woman he’ll think about whether or not it’s worth a stretch in jail.

  • corey

    t-bag’s comment sounds like lil wayne lyrics

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