Young Buck Gives 50 Cent’s The Lost Tape a Positive Review

50 Cent may not be showing Young Buck, his former G-Unit soldier, any love. But Buck is trying to show love to 50, his former boss.

In a video that was posted on YouTube on Tuesday (May 29), Buck is seen bopping his head and smoking to 50’s “Murder One” off his recently-released, DJ Drama-backed mixtape, The Lost Tape.

“Where Banks at? Which one is Banks on? Nowhere?” Buck asks in the beginning of the clip, perhaps sarcastically after 50 recently shared that he hasn’t spoke to Banks in nine months.

From there, though, Buck seems to enjoy the sound of ’Fif’s “Murder One” track, even complimenting 50’s artist, Kidd Kidd. After listening to 50, Buck begins to groove, listening to a track of his own.

Ironically, last month also had Buck saying that he was open to rejoining G-Unit, before the Wall Street Journal reported that 50 is trying to lay claim to his former protégé’s records.

“All compositions created by the debtor have already been irrevocably conveyed to [Curtis] Jackson (and Universal), and G-Unit retains irrevocable rights of ‘every kind and nature,’ including to rights to royalties, copyrights, to renew/extend copyrights and to causes of action,” 50’s attorneys wrote in documents obtained by the WSJ.

On May 21, Buck was evicted from his Tennessee mansion and a judge ordered that the proceeds from the house being sold go toward paying off the MC’s massive, $333,975.69 debt in unpaid taxes to the IRS.

In addition, earlier this month, Buck also learned that he’ll have to serve 18 months in prison on gun possession charges with his sentencing approaching on July 13.—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • G-uNOT

    Ok seriously tho???? Buck you making yourself look like a punk. Stop it, seriously foo…Vibing out to the Dude that basically got you stuck in the guttta??? Open to re-joining G-Unit? Common Buck….That just makes you look soft and desperate…You were the one dude (beside Game) that had the Talent and respect to move forward after G-Unit…Then you started slippin….first the Phone Call….Now this?..Stop right now before you make yourself look any more foolish….

  • atown don

    G-uNOT, bro i couldnt have said it better… Real Talk cats like this dude Buck is seriously whats wrong wit the game! Young Buck the world has witnessed u crying, groveling, & now kissin mo axx than a groupie! & then Buck will try to get on a song talkn hard noise or whatever… Seriously i was condeming 50 for doin the man harsh, but now i agree! When a cat doesnt respect you as a MAN you get treated like Buck…

  • Hyde

    BUCK….really…..really…….i mean…really….come on….really…the two commenting before me say it all…u gotta stop..50 dont care, wont care, will never care because he’s getting money with you…i a fan of youngbuck, but first the crying….now the ass kissing…to a cat that got u bent over…tappin that ass…stop G….u need to give up that Blue rag cuz…real talk..G’s dont act like that..we’re right even when we’re wrong. damn bucc..

    • G-uNOT

      Yo Hyde & atown don……..PREACHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • patto

    to me it shows maturity. buck is pretty much sayin ” yeah u fucked me up but hey i dont care, ill still vibe to the music, who gonna stop me?” buck to me is still tough bloke. id like to see half of you pussys go through what he has to go through and not feel the sameway. but i spose, you guys with your running water, electricity, stable roof over your head and food in ya guts, youll never no struggle

  • Not a hater just a fan with a honest critique

    I don’t think he’s desperate he could go to MMG or young money Grandhustle CTE pretty much anywhere of his chosing he’s just a real dude an he an g-unit were down for years they saw each other as family an buck just wanna go home. 50 need to put all the bullshit aside he’s got enough money he can help buck get more a pay him back in a week after a couple shows.

    • Macky

      you say 50 should help him but why should he help someone who’s so disloyal like young buck?
      You never gonna hear Yayo talking about money problems, guess why…

  • Pale Horse

    So I guess nobody else saw the sarcasm in the video?

    This is smart marketing!!! haha


    You know Buck didn’t listen to it because Em isn’t even on that track. 50 just faked the funk!!!

    Buck being sarcastic but in went right over these dumb blogger heads.

  • joetheplumber

    Only stupid ppl dont get the purpose of this video. lool

    There seem to be more of them on this page then smarter ones thought. smh HAHAHAHA

  • jrash87

    gotta agree with patto, he dont care what the rest of the world thinks. and its true, you all judge a man in a fucked position, whenyou never seen struggle huh

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  • Alex

    YAYO will never have this kind of Problems..guess why