Saigon Disses Rick Ross and Big Sean’s Music and Message

Not being one to pull punches, Saigon just doesn’t understand what makes both Rick Ross and Big Sean a hit with hip-hop fans today. The Yardfather made that perfectly clear in a recent interview with SOHH.

“Why ya’ll supporting a nigga that promotes the destruction of our community?” Saigon told the website, referring to Ross. “Why are you doing that? Why would you let this nigga thrive and we don’t know where our next jobs are coming from? He’s rapping about selling kilos of cocaine and selling drugs. This is what he’s about, this whole lifestyle saying he’s so rich and he eats shrimp every night and ya’ll support this shit? Ya’ll broke and poor and your family’s about to get kicked out. That’s our hit, son. That’s his hit.”

After slamming Rozay and hip-hop fans who enjoy his content, Sai switched gears to Big Sean.

“Nobody knows the words to this song, all they know is, ‘Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass.’ We don’t care about ‘ass, ass, ass, ass,’ but this is the society we living in right now. So, it’s like alright.”

After great hype and years of delays, Saigon finally released The Greatest Story Never Told album last February. It featured the likes of Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz, Devin the Dude, Bun B and Q-Tip.

More recently, Sai has joined forces with Cormega, Action Bronson and Roc Marciano to form the four-man rap group, M.A.R.S. The lyrical contingent haven’t announced plans to drop an official joint project as of press time.—Jakinder Singh

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  • wat

    I mean… He has a point but he’s coming off as jealous…

  • TruthBeTold

    He ain’t jealous, hes talking truth. Ross is the biggest poser fuck out there too, dude hasn’t sold a brick in his life… he used to be a correctional officer, his whole persona is wack and acted out. People are just straight up mentally handicapped now or days and blindlessly follow tools like ross who read a script and rake in millions. Big sean however worked his way up, at least what hes rapping about is a reflection of his own personal life.

  • TruthBeTold

    btw JAKINDER, your from pakistan. “Not being one to pull punches, Saigon just doesn’t understand what makes both Rick Ross and Big Sean a hit with hip-hop fans today.” YOU DONT KNOW SHIT. You literally get paid to basically go on wikipedia and mtv and then try and write an article and seem as if you know what your talking about.

    • lil tre

      For real. This website makes me mad af whenever i read the articles. Im white but it seem like they got a whole bunch of nerdy ass white dudes or lame ass any skin color mufuckas who dont know shit about hip hop. an they be dissin artists too. Yall a magazine yall sposed to kindof take a middle stance an let the fans decide whos dope an not. fuck this website.

  • LRG_L

    SAIGON SOUND LIKE HE HATING , HELL Everybody rap about seeling dope. it’s what majority of black ppl do in the hood because they can’t find work or whatever work they do find is only gettin em by.. Ross rap about miami life man thats what them niggas see , flashy cars , pretty girls , big money and us his fans like that shit cuz we fantasize about that lifestlye and as far as big sean how can u hate the dude for rapping about his lifestyle and what he like. he wit ye’ he livivng that baller life and thats what he puttin on wax . ass get them hoes going Saigon jus mad we aint bumpin his shit

    • gs up

      majority of black people in the hood do not sell dope. ross has never sold dope or got any woman unless he is payn them for sex. he is a fraud & a government snitch

    • mightee joe

      That’s the problem they just make music for hoes, Why can’t they play Slaughterhouse on radio or at clubs, its the stupid ass fans that keep jocking these idiot rappers. Big Sean was on theXXL freshmen magazine issue as a new fresher artist. Yet instead of making lyrical tracks he’s making the hammer dance song which a 10 year old could do a better job of than him.

      • I GOT KAHRS

        u wud have to b pretty dumb if ur a ross fan & u fantasize about flashy cars , pretty girls , & big money. those are some of the least important things in life

    • Jack Tripper

      HOLD THA FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You gots to be a white boy or a young black dude who’s never stepped a foot in “the hood”. So you mean to tell me that most black people in “the hood” are criminals? GET THA FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT! You need your ass whooped just for that dumb ass comment alone. You should have your rights revoked from ever being allowed to post on this shitty website again.

  • gs up

    rick ross/maybach music is the real life version of CB4

  • mightee joe

    He’s absolutely right, I don’t know what people see in Rick Ross or alot of other rappers that talk about balling and constantly flaunt riches and money in the face of poor people all day. And with Big Sean he has the opportunity to show and prove ow good of an artist he is but he wastes it making such talentless music that a 10 year old could probably do a better job of. I blame the fans of these guys for making their wack ass music popular when it is complete garbage.


    saigon is talkn about how ross is a fake. saigon isnt talkn about people who really do dirt & rap about it.


    We the people support Rick Ross and Big Sean because even though our lifestyle isn’t the same as theirs their lifestyle and riches is what we strive for and they motivate us to “GO GET IT” hatin ass..fuck concious rap…shits for the weak

    • Ricky

      You the people have low expectations and are basic as fuck then

      The shit people like that rap about is the lowest common denominator, no creativity, no originality. That shit makes me Yawn

  • AZ187

    Saigon a real nigga but times have changed since he started rappin and at the end of the day people are gonna like what they want and u cant hate on anybody who out there gettin money

  • Cavz100

    Now this is my question to saigon and everybody else who belittle,downgrade and basically hate on Sean and especially Ross’s music,do you have anything better to sing,tlk or rap about?I bet if you were then you’d be selling platinum albums an shitt right?if you dont like the music then dont listen or support it,but the ppl who want to just let us be.FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND FUCKIN SPEECH.the greats of rap have all rap about coke an guns and bitches.its the culture.find a 9-5 bygone aka saigon.

    • Mightee Joe

      U serious? Saigon actually has 100 x better songs and lyrics than Big Sean and Rick Ross. Saigon could go platinum or do numbers similar to that but that means he has to make songs similar to those clowns that he disses bc the dumb ass fans buying cd’s usually buy Rick Ross garbage type of music. As for Big Sean, like I said he could have made other songs other than “ass ass ass ass”. I’m telling u all these new rappers with their “swag” lyrical content and electro beats are completely different than Saigon and people going through hard times don’t want to hear it, just bitches or guys trying to pick up bitches either at school or in the clubs.

  • theyoggiii2

    okay. saigon is mostly right. YES, almost all rappers rap about selling dope. but its only justified if the rapper doesn’t glorify drug sales. a great rapper is able to rap about his experiences and surroundings, but still understand right from wrong. ross is RICH. there is absolutely no reason for him to be selling dope. for him to rap about it is just ignorant. and its even more ignorant for all these poor people that actually do sell dope to support his music. that’s all hes saying.

  • bullets

    Anyone with an opinion in this follow the leader world is a hater! You dont like lil wayne your a hater, Drake steals your culture if you say something your a hater, new rick ross and meek mills you dont like that your a hater! seems to me opinion is synonymous with being a hater…

  • bullets

    If saigon was a top selling artist that would then make his opinion more valid?? Money isnt a reflection of talent or intelligence it simply means you’ll do things for a dollar that a better man wont i hate people who end every argument w/
    “yeah he’s wack but he’s getting money so your a hater” smh pea brain mother fuckers out here i swear…

  • TriniguyaneseNYC

    ……ok bro your just mad. Last time I checked damn near every artist talks about that. Young Jeezy, Future, etc. I just feel it. i got love for my all time favs lox , ghostface killa and jayz but they did thesame at the prime of their careers

  • TriniguyaneseNYC

    The ghostface rant ,which is one of my all time fav rappers, about wiz khalifa was out of line. Some of these older ny cats and yes it IS MAJORITY NY CATS are sounding like old grandpas talking about rap music. I could swore Lox, Raekwon, Ghostface killah, jay-z did the same thing in the prime of their careers. COME SCRAMS KILL THAT NOISE sAIGON . SHOUT OUT TO aSAP SMOKE DZA IN THE NEW ERA OF Nyc

  • CR

    Yo all y’all hatin on Ross is corny the only thing y’all say is he was a C.O. That don’t mean nuthin this rap game is a business half y’all talking trash probably ain’t bout nuthin y’all selves, it’s bout movin records and makin music people wanna hear! Key word ” BUSINESS” !

  • Pudge

    Rick Ross Is A Uncle Tom Period…

  • my blog

    It is definitely a fantastic and useful bit of info. I am content which you discussed this particular valuable info with us. Please stay us current such as this. Thanks for expressing.

  • Sam

    hey SOHH there is a right time and place for everything, and any type of music can be enjoyed by any one, so there is no need to batter anyone over any type of message they bring to the world, even if it is about hustling cocaine, and asses… and by the way i don’t much enjoy rick ross as a artist but i respect to the position he has gotten to, and Big sean is more of an entertainer than a musician, and thats why i enjoy (big sean’s music)