Kanye West's fans were probably thrilled when Kim Kardashian recently said that the rap star (and her boyfriend) will be appearing on the upcoming season of the reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“I want to show my life,” the curvy stunner told E! Online. “If we are having dinner and he does show up, I’m sure we’re not going to go, ‘Stop the cameras!’”

However, that doesn’t mean, any of their relationship interactions will be featured on the show. Sources close to the couple recently told TMZ that none of their relationship will be featured on the series.

Perhaps learning from her experience with ex-husband Kris Humphries and airing their relationship matters on the same show, Kim’s sources say Kanye’s personal interactions with Kim will not be aired.

In related news, according to the New York Daily News, a source close to Kardashian says that she will join Kanye in London, where he and big bro, Jay-Z, are set to kick off the European leg of the Watch The Throne tour later this week. In addition of standing by her man, though, the source says that Kim would like to use the trip as an opportunity to befriend Beyoncé, the wife of Jay-Z.

“Kim wants to travel everywhere with Kanye, but she’s also trying to do whatever she can to get close to Beyoncé,” the source told the NYDN. “So, if Bey and Jay are going, she’s going. [Kim Kardashian will] live and breathe to hang out with Beyoncé.”—Jakinder Singh