Jay-Z Set to Make “Major Announcement” in Philadelphia on Monday

Jay-Z has some important news to share.

According to Roc Nation, Jay-Z is set to make a “major announcement” alongside Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter on the East Terrace top of the famous Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Monday morning (May 14) at 10:30 a.m.

Hov’s impending announcement has the press in Philadelphia buzzing about what his news will be. At first, the Philadelphia Daily News guessed that it could have possibly be about Jay-Z sharing the stage with Philly’s own, The Roots, during the July 4th Wawa Welcome America! Festival concert, but an in-the-know city government source told the publication that that won’t be happening.

The next step was to try to learn the news from Mayor Nutter, but the Mayor’s spokesman, Mark McDonald, declined comment Friday (May 11) evening.

Jay-Z and his team have nearly perfected the art of being tight-lipped about news over the years, until it’s time to make the announcement.

It’s been a busy past couple of days for S. Carter, who helped introduce Bacardi’s D’ussé, a new VSOP Cognac, at a private event in New York City on Wednesday (May 9). The new liquor brand will launch in June, before being available nationwide in September. The Cognac will cost consumers $45 for a 750mL bottle and will be available in various other sizes as well. For Hov, the partnership, spells expanding his liquor portfolio, which already has him promoting Ace of Spade champagne from Armand de Brignac.

Jigga and his wife, Beyoncé, also attended a book launch party for L.A. Reid’s wife, Erica Reid, in New York City on Tuesday night (May 8). This past week also had hip-hop fans learning about Philly rapper, Meek Mill, signing to Hov’s Roc Nation for management.–Mark Lelinwalla

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  • mela dyme

    hit me up. facebook.com/lasexidyme

    jay want do nothin but announce he signing some fruitcake pop rapper or Chris Brown.

    • Brand-New

      I highly doubt Jay-Z would involve the Mayor of Philadelphia to announce the signing of an artist.

    • OneNightStanzas

      …when I criticize people, I make sure to use proper grammar so that no one is left with the opportunity to dock me with a cheap shot about being an absolute dumb@ss…

      “Jay want do nothin?”
      Obviously, you meant to say *WON’T*… Jay will always have better luck signing a “fruitcake pop rapper or Chris Brown” than someone who *WON’T* “do nothin”, like bother to learn how basic English works – but good luck with that…

      Which artist(s) exactly do you consider to be a “fruitcake pop rapper(s)”? What type of artist would you advise Jay sign instead? No one wants to suffer through another predictable-as-fuc& poorly produced ‘mixtape’ that was made by some dime-a-dozen PHONY dope boy (who’s nothing more than a corny wanna-be cook-up-kid that never once actually got his TRAP-cherry popped).

      Your comment is just as cut-up as a batch on it’s 10th lap around a trap. Stop wasti

  • Mela’s Daddy

    Please excuse my child. Let me go to chuuuuurch on that a$$. Excuse me folk. Hey Mela, didn’t I tell you to learn when to shut the F€&K UP. You dumber than a doorknob. Daddy warned ya about being a dumb nigga didnt I? You still don’t listen to nobody but your retarded , bald Momma. Now go back to your room, turn your pre-paid phone off, go down to the pawn shop and get back Nana’s dentures like you was supposed to do before you check the mail for them food stamps came in the mail today. Do something with yo life for a change.

  • Real

    Maybe hes starting another team franchise in Philly. Or announcing a new Jayz law or something idk

    • nossirrr

      start ANOTHER franchise? jayz doesnt even have ONE franchise…he owns literally 1% of the nets..ie just enough to call him part owner—they are using him to sell merchandise to all of the black people in brooklyn and beyond—hes essentially the “face” of the nets to get “urban”(black) sales…nothin more, nothin less

      • JP

        he owns half of it you fucking idiot. is he’s signing someone, it better be good.

        • heavyindagame

          sorry to break the news to you boo boo, but the nets are owned by russian billionaire mikhail prokorav…jayz does in fact own exactly 1%…

          it would have taken you no more then 2 seconds to verify these facts before typing that dickriding bullshit you just typed


    maybe hes gonna have reconstructive surgery and not look like a Camel anymore?? or he just gonna have a press conference and build his brand around B.S with uneducated fools worshiping him…ILLUMINATI lives on with Jay…

  • francisnasim

    you n ya girl look like 2 dolla bills.rejuvenate when i leave.peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LMG908

    i think its nice that jay-z is promoting the music festival here in phila, but it would have been even better if he was going to pay or help pay for the phila. public school money problems we are having. Or maybe even start a campaign to raise the money. Come man where is Will Smith when we need him. I know they can”t save the world but try to save our children. They will be the one at the music festival in the summer and no where to go to school in the fall. I JUST SAYIN!