B.o.B Cracks 100K Total Sales, Nicki Minaj Nears Gold

In its second week in stores, B.o.B’s sophomore album Strange Clouds didn’t sell as many units as its first time out, but it did crack the 100,400 sold threshold this week.

The Atlantic records release moved a shred under 25,000 over the seven-day span, good for No. 12 on the Billboard 200 and enough to move Bobby Ray’s total to 101,000 since the album’s release. The projet still has some catching up to do if it hopes to be on par with the ATLien’s recent single, “So Good,” which was certified platinum last week.

Two other sophomore efforts also landed in the top 40 this week, as releases from Young Money royalty Nicki Minaj and Drake continued moving units. Minaj hit No. 21, selling 17,600, to move her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded total to 453,500 since it dropped on April 3. Meanwhile, Drizzy’s November release, Take Care, sold 11,000 copies, good enough to land him at No. 38 on this week’s chart and bring his half-year total to 1.7 million. A few slots down, 2012 XXL Freshman Future comes in at No. 49, with his debut album, Pluto, selling 8,700 discs to bring his six-week total to 79,000.

Licensed To Ill, the seminal debut from the Beastie Boys, hit No. 29 this week, selling 13,600 units and slipping 11 slots. Group member Adam “MCA” Yauch passed away on May 4.

A bit further down the chart, Top Dawg Ent. rhymer Ab Soul’s Control System, which dropped on Friday, rather than Tuesday, like other releases, hit No. 91, with 5,300 units sold.

Next week, look for new albums from veteran independent acts Killer Mike (R.A.P. Music) and Krizz Kaliko (Kickin’ & Screamin’) to land on the Billboard 200. —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)

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    GAMES RED ALBUM will break Gold by the end of the year..thats what im talking about…he is winning, 4 albums deep in the rap game, only artist to make it out of G-UNIT….interscope never dropped him, on schedual for album #5.. F.I.V.E…50 clearly made the wrong decision…

  • this guy^

    oh shit what up game!!!

    • This PUNK v

      Oh shit, what up 50…what Game dont get respect?? but B.O.B does for breaking 100k and game sold that in a weak..hater..get a job fool

      • Thoma$

        B.O.B is 2mil in sales. Game is still stuck at 200,000 after 9 months. Game flopped, & that album/rip-off “F.I.V.E” he stole from Beyonce’s 1mil sold titled “4″ album is flopping even harder. Talent sells, B.O.B for example. Controversy used to sell, look where Game & 50 are now. Especially Game, 50′s last album is 1mil+ sold worldwide, just had a 2XPlatinum single “Down On Me.


    you talking to me about B.O.B first album? which just went platinum btw..Game in 4 albums deep now, compared to B.o.b at two..3 of Games albums have gone platinum in the U.S alone, and RED has shipped over 500k worldwide, which generates over $12 million for interscope, I dont understand why people just love to deny that this guy is a succesful artist…a rap artist who releases 5 albums on a major label is a rare and impressive achievement, recognize..

    • Thoma$

      Dude even Stevie Wonder can see 50 blew “Documentary” up, by being featured on Game’s 2 Biggest Hits to date. 2nd album from Game goes from 5mil worldwide to 900,000, from 50′s mouth, & 50 has no reason to lie see as how he is still Game’s boss. 3rd album sells 650,000 U.S, 4th album sells 200,000. Now compare that 4th album 200,000 U.S Sales to his 1st album doing 2.5mil U.S Sales. Dude isn’t doing that great, especially when his 2nd album didn’t even sell 1mil. Don’t matter/care if they did “ship 500,000″, b/c outta that 500,000 shipped 200,000 people Actually Bought the album. For your info, B.O.B has singles that sold more than Game’s albums, & he didn’t need 50 or Wayne like Game.

      B.O.B “Airplanes” 4XPlatinum

      Game “Documentary” 2XPlatinum.

      Game never sold 4mil in the U.S alone off an LP or single. As I stated before, controversy used to sell. Talent always have sold, & always will be. Nas, Jay-z, Outkast, & Snoop are a few examples who has 5-10 Platinum Albums w/ major label support, & unlike Game they didn’t need 50 or Wayne to sell.

      • alex

        like a boss!

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  • RJII

    Sometimes too much attention to the sales causes people to overlook the quality of the music. Game is a good rapper no matter how many units he moves