50 Cent says there is no issue between him and Lil Wayne. The G-Unit General called out Wayne out on record a few years ago, but on May 5, ’Fif appeared alongside Weezy, Mack Maine, Justin Bieber and WWE Superstar Triple H in Las Vegas as part of boxer Floyd Mayweather’s fight entourage.

50 recently told XXLMag.com that there was no awkwardness because he and Wayne never had any real issues.

"I was telling [DJ] Drama that, right, like we was talking about it and said, ‘Whenever you – you feel like you got issues with somebody and you look back and you go, ‘What’s – What’s the issue?’ and you don’t remember it, it’s because it was hip-hop," 50 explained last week at his G-Unit offices. "The competitive nature of it has you competing. Hip-hop ain’t something that you could just watch or you could just listen to; you live as a part of the culture."

Not only does 50 and Wayne not have any problems, but ’Fif says the door may be open for a collaboration.

"I had spoke to Mack, before that, and Baby," Fif recalled. "Baby – Me and Baby talked about, uh, artists that he was interested in. You know what I’m saying? And, I had something to do with the guy...so we was seeing if it was possible to make him go over there. Make something happen. And then, um, me and, uh, Mack Maine, we talked about brand extensions and opportunities, things that I had on the table with people that was asking in. In different areas.

“Of course, if I got a deal that makes sense for somebody else but doesn’t quite make sense for me at the time, I pass the deal,” he added. “I let them take the deal. I expect the same in return; I’m going to be angry later, if they don’t do it to me too. ‘Look out for me too.’ Like, you know what I’m saying? What kind of person has the deal come to them and just go, “Nah, I ain’t gon’ do that.” But, you know it’s a game changer for this person, and they ain’t got it."

50 drops his new mixtape, The Lost Tape, with DJ Drama today (May 22). The release marks his first Gangsta Grillz installment.—Shaheem Reid