Young Jeezy Concert Cancelled After Gunfire Erupts

A man was shot before a Young Jeezy concert at the Sound Academy in Toronto, Canada at around 12:30 a.m. on Thursday morning (April 5).

According to the Toronto Star, the shooting took place in between the opening acts and before Jeezy, the headliner, could take the stage. The 26-year-old male victim was shot three times in the torso and was left in serious, but stable condition, Toronto Police told the Star. Investigators are still looking for suspects.

The estimated 1,800 fans who crammed into the Sound Academy were evacuated and Jeezy had to cancel his performance.

But the Snowman did take to his Twitter account to promise his faithful Canadian fans that he’ll be back in T-dot soon.

“Backstage @ Sound Academy in Toronto!” Jeezy tweeted a few hours after the shooting and shutdown of the venue. “Police closed venue and cancelled the greatest show!!! I will be back! Next stop London, Ontario!”

This marks Jeezy’s first full cross Canada tour.

“I played Canada a few times when Lil Wayne and I were on tour and I came out with Drake in Toronto at his festival, but I’ve never done this many dates,” the Snowman recently told the country’s National Post newspaper. “I’m excited to bring my energy to the stage.

“Every time I step on the stage, you can’t really tell where you are,” he added. “Love is love, and by the crowd’s reaction I don’t know if I’m in Canada, Atlanta or Norway. It all just depends on the night.”—Jakinder Singh

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  • YBB

    couple buddies were at this show. but the article has it wrong , 3 people were killed. my buddy was beside the one shooter before it all went down. guess dude had an altercation with someone else , and bang bang.

    makes ya wonder who helped on the inside , cuz there mustve been madd police there and all sorts of pat downs and metal detectors

    • x

      Your buddy is a fucking liar.. only 3 shots rang out no one died and there were no metal detectors and only 1 cruises prior to shit popping off.

    • A

      ur buddies are prolly talking about a movie lol. they are fucking liars. only 3 shots rang out. n i was close to it. 1 person got hit dats it , nobody died. and anyone coulda easily bring a gun in, the security search was a joke! and they didnt use no metal detectors.

  • billyba

    wow I been in t – dot.. somebady want him real bad to take a chance like that with aleast 100 police around….

    keep intouch with fashion on twitter at: @billybadaxx

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  • Don

    someone got shot at his London Ontario show as well. Come on don’t get jeezy banned from Canada please.