• 44 FOREVERIt's been 15 years since the greatest rapper of all time, THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G., was taken from hip-hop, but his legacy continues to loom large.
  • 48 BITE MEBig was a master with words who influenced a plethora of artists to recycle his lyrics. Here are the 100 best Biggie bites of all time.
  • 56 WATCH THE THRONEChristopher Wallace didn't just leave the hip-hop community behind when he died—the rapper was also a father of two, T'YANNA and C.J.. The pair chatted together exclusively with XXL about growing up without Big Poppa, living their own lives and what the future holds for them.
  • 62 MAKE ME PROUDThey say behind every successful man is a successful woman, but B.I. was fortunate enough to have two: FAITH EVANS and JAN JACKSON, the mothers of his seeds.
  • 66 DEDICATIONLIL' CEASE continues to ride hard for his big homie. Life may be different for the Brooklyn native, but the bond between Cease and his friend remains the same. Now it's time for him to show and prove once and for all.
  • 70 I REMEMBERPicture that with a Kodak. The Notorious One's image lives on in these never-before-seen photos provided by Big's family, friends and colleagues. Here, they recall the good times behind the flicks.
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    • 21 360Getting ready for Freshmen time, Young Jeezy gets real in Murder to XXLence and N.O.R.E. opens up about his health, plus ESPN's Skip Bayless on hip-hop's infatuation with him, Mama Jones and her hustles, Chelsea Handler's reckless rapper chats and more.
    • 37 Show & Prove
      Iggy Azalea, Sir Michael Rocks, Marcus Manchild, D-Pryde.
    • 86 Eye Candy
      Fellas, behold the "total package," Sophia Marie.
    • 90 The Good Life
      XXL has got you covered for your weekend trip: necessary bags, gadgets and gear.
    • 99 X-RatedThe year in review: top albums, beats, mixtapes, producers, songs and verses, plus 2011 album stats.


    • 12 Editorial
      VS sets 'em straight.
    • 16 Letters
      Nas reigns supreme.
    • 114 Doin’ Lines
      Havoc does some.