PETA Responds to Kanye West’s “Tell PETA My Mink Is Draggin’ On The Floor” Line

On Kanye West’s new record, “Theraflu,” the Louis Vuitton Don raps, “Tell PETA my mink is draggin’ on the floor.”

When PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) learned of ’Ye’s defiant lyrics, the animal rights group lashed into him with scathing words of their own.

“What’s draggin’ on the floor is Kanye’s reputation as a man with no empathy for animals or human beings,” said PETA’s Senior Vice President Dan Mathews in a statement sent to “He’s a great musician but doesn’t seem to have the fashion sense to design anything more than caveman costumes. We keep hoping that one day he’ll find his heart and join evolved style icons—including Russell Simmons, Pink, and Natalie Portman—who have dropped animal skins.”

XXL hit Kanye’s camp, asking for a response, but there’s been none as of press time.

This isn’t the first time that West has ruffled PETA’s feathers, though. The organization was outraged back in January 2010, when Kanye and his then girlfriend, Amber Rose, were photographed in long fur coats during Paris Fashion Week.

“Kanye can’t help making himself look like an idiot, whether at an awards show or a fashion show,” PETA’S Matthews lashed into Yeezy to the UK’s Daily Mail two years back.. “He and his girlfriend look like pathetic creatures from a shabby roadside zoo.”

Not all of Kanye’s fellow MCs are for furs, however. In February 2011, PETA featured Waka Flocka Flame in its “Ink Not Mink” campaign. The Brick Squad rapper joined the likes of Lady Gaga, Pink and Mariah Carey, who also appeared in the same campaign for PETA.—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • Wheel Chair Jimmy

    and people say kanye’s an attention seeker. lately these people only ever seem to be jumping down celebrities throats, instead of raising awareness of animal cruelty that goes on right under our noses. IT’S A LINE IN A SONG! (and a very good song @ that)

    • CaponeMOB

      the think about PETA that disgustes me is how they talk about some poor fuckin dog thats goin to get runned over by a car anyway like if they are human,meawhile you got lil kids in the hood with nothing to eat,people in 3rd world countries looking for their next meal in a garbage can and land fills but they are worried about some niggaz mink coat? and they dont care about some starving lil black or Latino kids DYING of starvation? the same Effort PETA puts in saving a fucking animal they should may be put a effort in actually saving a human child. Fuck PETA

      • nick

        the fuck? nigga theres already organizations helping the homeless petas helping the homeless helpless animals fuck u u piece of shit

      • LD

        ^ Ignorance at its finest

        • LD

          @CaponeMOB ^Ignorance at its finest

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    fuck animals, them shits is food and clothes.

    • TRUTH

      chch FUCK peta, stupid faggots.

  • AMC

    Kayne is so lame lol! He tries too hard.

    • alejandro

      how? thats retarted he wasnt doing anything just mindiing his own business

  • A Reader!

    “no empathy for animals or human beings”

    PETA clearly has no idea what (97.3%) Hip-Hop is about !!

    And yeah +1 in the “fuck animals, them shits is food and clothes” list!

    • Jabroni

      Put me in the “fuck them animals” camp. White tigers can go eat a dick, son. A buffalo dick.

  • Anonymous

    The comments posted by Kanye’s miserably idiotic fans on this article – “chch FUCK peta, stupid faggots” and “fuck animals, them shits is food and clothes”, for example – very accurately demonstrate the mental capacity of both Kanye and his fans. Kanye is a massive, stinking pile of dung, who needs to go the way of the mink he made his coat out of, and soon. His fans, too.

    • uhuh

      i dont even listen his music. but FUCK ANIMALS.

      • xxx


      • Sasha

        No, FUCK YOU, you arrogant self-righteous bastard. Educate yourself before shooting your mouth off like that. Good luck in your life without a soul

  • r

    Please learn how to spell and use grammar correctly before insulting other people and/or organizations.

    Your point makes no impact when you can’t type a sentence that makes any sense.

    Kanye is a douche. Period. He is a dispicable human being, towards animals AND people alike.


      Well, “r”, I guess your point has no impact because you can’t spell either, smart ass.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    once again fuck animals, when they can protest to becoming a mcrib sandwich or a fresh pair of gators I’ll give a shit. As for now tho’ I’ma rock the shit out of fur coats, eat steak, fry chicken, hunt for the sake of saying I killed something and shit on PETA. #teamanimalkilla and why doesn’t anyone protest eating vegetaion? it grows, procreates and such and no one gives vegans no kinda flack. fuck yall and kill animals!

    • rece

      That is the funniest comment ever posted! _______ Flatline somebody call the paramedics

    • Sasha

      Wow. You are truly the scum of the earth. I’ve never read such a disrespectful comment that is so arrogant and vile. Please educate yourself on the horrors animals are put though. They’re not ours to touch.

  • RK

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • Ryan

    Regardless of your opinion, the fact alone that PETA felt the need to respond to Kanye West makes him the victor in the end.

  • 9925512

    I’m very much against killing animals for flashing clothing, but PETA are idiots. All they seem to want is fame and notoriety.

    Basically, they’re the Kim Kardashian of the animal rights world.

  • comehomenow

    Responding to a rap lyric and then insulting his designs doesn’t exactly make them the bigger person. They want the press just as much as the people they “respond” to.


    FUCK PETA and those idiots who are dumb enought to think Noah saved all those animals for nothing can suck a buffalo dingus I eat em I wear I keep them as pets if you don’t like it O WELL in fact i’m eating a roided chicken RIGHT NOW

    This song is ill
    Hit Boy did his thing

    (Wakas against killing animals but is all about killing people) POW POW POW POW POW BRIIIIIIICKSQUAD

    • themost

      you sound ignorant as fuck

  • http://yahoo sexy_sabe

    I love animals an I have pets of my own. However I dont feel PETA has the right to try an force their opinions on ppl, an then slander them if they dont do what they think is right. I don’t like to see or hear about a animal being hurt, but at the same time Im no vegetarian. I think as long as its used for food or clothing its fine, but torturing animals for sport or evil is wrong. How can one get mad because I wear a mink jacket when im sure they probably have a leather belt on made from animal hide (skin). Its ok to chump down on turkey on thanksgiivng, or to crack a crab leg, or fry up some chicken but I cant wear a pair of gator boots? Its hypocritical an judgemental. If you (PETA) dont agree with wearing clothing made from animals, DON’T wear them. If you wana make awareness about it DO IT but dont try an make someone look bad because they don’t agree.

  • GE

    Lmfao I’d expect as much coming from people that come onto a site like this.
    Your music “culture” is degrading to everyone but the idiots that think the world owes them everything because they can write “poetry” about “bitches”, “asses”, “hoes”, and money.
    Are you all so weak and simple minded?
    Is this the future you want your children to grow up in?
    Of course! Because you treat everyone around you with no respect but demand it just because you’re a dick and feel you’re entitled to everything since you’ve been a child.
    Why not give the younger generation the same disappointment you had?
    PETA are idiots, but you’re all just so fucking stupid. I could barely go through the first 5 comments before my IQ began to drop so low, it be “draggin’ on the floor”.
    It’s people like you that make black people look like idiots. Our predecessors spent countless lives trying to free us and yet we’ve made ourselves slaves to this stereotype.
    I’ve spent years trying to get people to take me seriously, getting into university, working all the way up from a very poor family. Apparently, I should be making this kind of music too, my life’s got all the ingredients for stardom, really.

    You idiots should start thinking for yourselves.
    And yet, I expect nothing less than… enlightening, and most likely, illegible angry responses. But I feel as though I’m going to shy away from answering them since I can’t see myself wasting any more time on people like you than I already have.

    • Megulito

      Pretentious douche bag… I can see being against misogyny, racism, religious and sexual persecution. However animals are animals and much like in natures food chain must be eaten and as long as we are at it wear them to be efficient. Plants also live but because our inability to find their sentience we eat them. Either way let me simplify my message… eat a dick.

  • kanyefan21

    peta marketing execs and fundraisers should all hold their breath until kanye responds in a show of protest

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  • Me

    I’d actually rather not fuck animals. I’ll stick with fucking people.


  • Frank

    Reading the comments about ”animals are made for food and clothes” here made me loose faith in humanity. Yall make me sick.

  • gdubb

    i’m sitting here @ work bored outta my mind, but i’m loving these comments

  • Rjealy

    Is PETA aware that the world is still struggling with the ethical treatment of humans?

    • Megulito


    • Daniel Tripple D


  • Fuck Peta

    I Seriously love animals. Cats, dogs, birds, snakes, turtles, etc…..But I have to say. This shis has been going on way before us. How did human beings survive long before us. By clothing and feeding themselves from animals. So fuck PETA. If I could afford to wear a Mink, Im wearing a Mink and would chase any PETA member down and whoop his ass and make him eat the paint stained Mink. Also………..shout out to French Montana’s Bear!!!!

    • Daniel Tripple D

      violence is so 1800.. grow up

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  • Noel

    PETA is full of morons.

  • Paparazzi Lover

    Kanya a “great musician”? Does he play an instrument? I’m totally OK with Kanya wearing mink, but ONLY as long as Kanye is the one that BRUTALLY CLUBS TO DEATH each mink that he wears for fun. If he does that, rather than have some anonymous Chinese guy do the killing for him, then I would think Kanye can wear what he wants.

  • Kanyes Mother

    Hi everyone, I’m Kanye’s dead mother. I was really into fashion and my “look”, so much that I had plastic surgery, and now I’m dead. That was really stupid to be so concerned about my “look” and my “style”. Just like my dear talented son Kanye loves “style” so much, and killing animals for his “style”. But karma is a bitch, and I’m dead now. I was really more sick in the head, than in need of bigger breasts. But I’m dead now, cause of my quest for my “style”. Kanye is really talented. I hope he clubs to death more animals for his “style”. Oh Kanye, I miss you so much, cause you’re so talented and smart. Maybe one day you’ll learn to plan an actual instrument, rather than have some Japanese engineers in Tokyo design sounds in their computers. But I’m dead Kanye, but I’ve got more “style”, cause I got bigger ti**ies now, in heaven.

  • Cavz100

    These ppl only Target entertainers because they spend there money on products made frm animal skin or fur.why not tackle the makers on a regular basis?at the end of the day,Animals have “NO SOULS”.they use to be kilt an used for the same purposes when jesus walked the earth.

    • Daniel Tripple D

      yes you are right, animals of your race have absolutely no soul.

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  • Elana

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian should be taken to the ice in Canada and forced to watch a baby seal being skinned alive for its fur. So should everyone else who enjoys killing animals for the sake of killing. You are all sick twisted and demented and your karma will catch up with you. As far as PETA paying more attention to the rights of animals than those of people, hello, animals are innocents. This is why there are animal rights organizations. Children being born to parents who cannot afford to feed, cloth and educate their kids through college should not have children.

    • Daniel Tripple D

      well said! i agree so much

  • Gabriel

    FUCK PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals!!

  • kelly

    WOW! (at the comments I’ve read) I’m a vegetarian, because it’s my way of voting against animal cruelty. But honestly, I think PETA is an “extremist” organization and I don’t agree with their methods of doing things at times. I think they make themselves look like idiots when they interrupt fashion shows, etc.. I can’t stand Kanye’s arrogance either but at the end of the day they have to remember he’s an artist and that whatever he says in his songs 99% of the time is for publicity just like the celebrities which pose for PETA. It’s all business. And I’ll pray for the people on this website who #1 can’t spell for shit and #2 apparently need to go back to elementary school for some phonics, and writing lessons. Good luck to you guys! :) (and remember not to take whatever these celebrities do seriously, it’s all for attention!)

    • Mr Dodd

      #1 Just because you’re a vegetarian it doesn’t make you ambassador for all vegetarian’s #2 Please show me the findings which suggest that an individuals grammar correlates with their success in life and their attitude towards animals. #3 We should take what these celebrities do seriously because they influence countless others who may follow suit thereby increasing the disgusting demand for fur products #4 I truly believe that you do not understand what extremism is if you consider interrupting a fashion show is extreme.