Juicy J Tapped by Wiz Khalifa for Taylor Gang A&R Gig

Memphis native Juicy J isn’t just an artist on Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang imprint. During a recent interview with XXLMag.com, the veteran rapper discussed being appointed as head of the label’s A&R department.

“I’m the president,” he revealed. “When Wiz made his [Taylor Gang] label he brought me over [and made me] the president of the A&R department. I’m bringing in all the talent and signing people. We gonna make it like Motown, man.”

The Three 6 Mafia rapper spoke further on the new position stating, “I’m always looking out for talented singers, producers, rappers, but, I’m only fuckin’ with people who is ready to work.”

“This ain’t no easy street,” he continued. “Everybody who got it right now, has worked for it. I don’t wanna waste nobody’s time and I don’t want nobody wasting [mine]. We got too much money tied up in what we doing so, I’m only looking for people that is serious.”

Juicy J became the latest artist added to Wiz Khalifa’s growing Taylor Gang fold last year, joining a roster that includes the likes of Chevy Woods and Lola Monroe. Just recently he, along with signees Lola and Woods, starred alongside Wiz on his Taylor Allderdice mixtape which upon its release, crashed servers almost immediately.

Juicy J is currently prepping his upcoming album, Stay Trippy, to be released soon. Stay tuned to XXLMag.com’s XXcLusive interview with the rapper during which he touches on his relationship with DJ Paul, the status of Hypnotize Minds, Gangsta Boo, and more.—Ralph Bristout

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  • nick

    neako is not in taylor gang

  • CaponeMOB

    my nigga juicy doin his thing. hopefully his new A&R gig is not much of a distraction from his music. cause i cant wait for his new album.

  • bryant

    neako is taylor affiliated dummy

  • jeremy

    wow these writers for xxl arent up on anything. they signed berner to taylor gang like two weeks ago

  • http://Wizkhalifa.com Edwin

    The member’s i knw are :wiz khalifa,chevy woods,juicy j,sledgren,cardo,lola monroe,amber rose(not sure),berner,rocky diamonds,notelle (dnt knw hs nym bt its sumthng like that those are all i knw!

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