Dr. Dre has quite the influence on his peers. Case in point? Warren G.

The rapper/producer has apparently slimmed down from his once stocky, pudgy figure to now a muscular one, all thanks to a 'killer workout regimen' prescribed by his brother, Dr. Dre. During an interview with TMZ, the Regulator spoke on the physical change saying, "A lot of people in my family have high blood pressure...Dre told me I better start hitting the gym so I took his advice."

He even went on to admit letting himself slide after his 2005 appearance on season five of VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club" reality show but it was Dre who inspired him to get back in the gym. "Seeing Dre looking all cut up and in shape made me want to get myself together and look right, too.” Warren's workout, which he calls his "feel good workout plan," consists of running and boxing everyday complimented with a strict diet.

Aside from the weight change, the laid-back LBC rhymer is currently prepping the release of his five-song EP titled, Regulate the G-Funk Era EP, which will feature two Nate Dogg features. The first single off the project, "A Party We Will Throw Now" hit the net this week with appearances from both Game and the late G-Funk legend on the hook.

Regulate the G-Funk Era is expected to arrive in mid-July.—Ralph Bristout