Diggy Disses J. Cole on “What You Say to Me”

Cole World? Not if you ask Diggy.

On Sunday (April 1), Diggy’s record, “What You Say to Me,” leaked on the net. The track has the 17-year-old MC dissing J. Cole in a response to Cole’s records, “Purple Reign,” on which Cole spits seemingly suggestive lyrics believed to be aimed toward Diggy’s sister Vanessa Simmons and “Grew up Fast,” which has Cole saying:

“Move along cock-sucker, ain’t got nothing to see/’less you talking blockbuster, you niggas is not Russell, you more Diggy/Me, I’m more Biggie, no diss to the young boy, I’m just rapping, get bored quickly.”

Those lines didn’t sit too well with young Diggy, who responded directly with bars of his own via “What You Say to Me.”

“The other day I was listening to ‘Purple Rain’/Couldn’t believe all the things that I heard him say/Who Dat? Who Dat? You know who it is/Heard you lying on my sis, tellin’ people that you hit,” Diggy raps. “When your album drops I’ma hit you with your bricks, so I’ma bomb first on you since you wanna riff/Who you gonna call, you ain’t got no friends, this fight is fixed/You ain’t got no wins/Little nigga named Cole think he live like me, jet setter trend setter, yeah you not like me/Can’t find a girl that you know that do not like me, can’t find a girl I know, who know you, you dumb fool/Wasn’t even poppin’ in the school you used to go to.”

And Diggy doesn’t end there.

“Got aight lyrics but can’t deliver your vocals/I’ma about to read you your rights, Miranda
only thing you hittin “In The Morning” is your Hand,” Diggy continued firing at Cole. “Stand up, matter fact sit down/Don’t try to call Hovi Hov for a sit down/College boy, acting like a criminal/Knowing you a broke back Jake Gyllenhaal/You imaginary player, even TMZ didn’t notice you was there/Geesh, you are such a dweeb
and your shirts don’t fit, long arms, short sleeves.”

Diggy’s track triggered a response from his father, Rev. Run of Run-DMC fame, and his sister, Vanessa Simmons. The legendary Rev. Run suggested that the leaked track is old.

“J. Cole… Puts out 2 records Dissing family & Diggy & nobody cared.. Some 1 leaks a old Diggy record and there’s a problem,” Rev. Run tweeted out to the masses on Sunday.

Vanessa tweeted using her own account.

“Our brothers r protective ova us CUZ guys stay LYING,” she tweeted. “***MORE IMPTLY that ish NEVER HAPPENED.*****”

Both Diggy and her sister’s reactions stem from Cole’s second verse on “Purple Reign,” on which he begins with, “Good girl, huh, father was a preacher/Sent her off to college, thought I got her on a leash, though.”

Since the leak, both Diggy and J. Cole have been silent on their respective Twitter accounts.

Last week, Diggy’s debut album, Unexpected Arrival, charted No. 13 on the Billboard 200 with only 21,000 copies sold.

For more news on Diggy and J. Cole, check back with XXLMag.com.—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • wat

    I mean… I respect Diggy for standing up for himself and mostly his sister, but he knows he can’t deal with Cole. His diss was very, very weak.

  • fuck waka

    Diggy’s such a faggot. If your gonna go at Cole, at least go hard.

  • JWill

    So let me get this straight. Diggy sold 20k in his first week and has 1,3xx,xxx twitter followers? And now he made an attempt to diss J.Cole? “Nowadays ni*gas reach just to sell they record” – Drake.

    • Lawrence

      Diggy didn’t diss Cole outta nowhere, so using that quote was a fail.

      • JWill

        Have you even heard “Purple Reign”. Cole opens up talking about the female having kids, does Vanessa have kids? No.

  • Lordknowz

    This sounds like he OD’d on drake cd’s (Clone)

  • Freeman

    Diggy is ready to get smoked like a cigar around Nas. It’s probably cuz he wants more sales but Cole is such a lyricist that Diggy is in for a ride if Cole decides to respond.

  • Sha

    Diggy gets props on this one simply for the fact he reps his fam. If anybody comes out on some negativity against your family you have to battle. You have to as a man.

    Now who will win? Probably J Cole. But still… Diggy had to say something. And for that he gets RESPECT.

    But J Cole needs to walk lightly with this one. VERY LIGHTLY. I mean, he’s going after the seed of RUN. One of the hip-hop Gods. And not only that but Russell Simons is in that family too.

    J Cole will have to pick up a phone on this one. He can’t battle Diggy the traditional way because we know who’s holding all of the power. And it’s Diggy.

    Maybe this tells me a little about J Cole’s intellect. To recklessly say some things about the daughter of one of the members of the greatest rap group of all time is MEGA DUMB! Not to mention how close Jigga is to that fam. Damn! If J Cole keeps this up he might be on some low budget company in a minute….

    • wat

      Honestly, Rev Run being a pioneer doesn’t mean anything. He was hot before lyricism in hiphop was. Rev Run and Russell Simmons can’t handle Cole in a battle of lyricism. Do I appreciate them for paving the way? Yes. Are they dope lyricists? No.

    • ff1one@yahoo.com

      Sha whad up,

      Again you right on it.

      J. Cole gotta do damage control on this and he already is. When i first heard it, i was like damn. But in the verse he even said no diss to diggy.

      J. Cole was using her as a metaphor. His fault for being so wrapped up in the rap, art, that he forgot about politics because this could be a bad move politically.

      I really do think Diggy is usin it a lil to boost sales because he tried to go at Drake days befor

  • Dreamer

    whos to say that cole was even talkin about vanessa. it’s hell preachers daughters that go to college, he aint name names, plus cole is ah little too old to beef with diggy.

    • OnToTheNext1000

      Umm..maybe the line “what up Vanessa, I loved u that one semester”

      Thats a line that follows after he disses Diggy and in the next breath tries to backtrack and say to make up 4 it he is gonna invite Diggy on tour with him and let him finagle whores with him..lol..personally..I thought THAT was a lame half-assed diss on behalf of J Cole…

      Like, u wanna bring his name up then take it back all in 7 seconds? I took it as him not really wantin to take it there but not having any other lines that would work in his verse lol

      But I love them both. Diggy is adorable and yes, has some time before some people start to take him so serious given his cuteness, youth, and who’s seed he is!

  • RealNigga

    this shit is stupid, why would Cole respond???? he has nothing to gain with a battle with a 17 year old pop rapper who can’t even sell records…….and them niggas talking bout the song is old, but it just so happens to “leak” when Diggy’s 1st week sales didn’t go like expected……That nigga is REACHING to sale some records

  • wheel chair jimmy

    diggy would only ever diss j. ole on april fools day

  • True Story

    Diggy cried during a listening sesh when an exec hated on one of his jams.

    So uh…where were we?

  • Pittsburgh Kid

    Im pretty sure Em said it best when nick was comming at him “Your gonna ruin my career you better get one.”

  • tha valley of truth

    Cole & diggy both r members of ”All city chess club” aint no need for this b.s

    • True Ish

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. How are you both in All City but going at each other.