Da Internz Talk Nas’ Next Single, “Daughters”

On Tuesday (April 24), Def Jam announced a July 17 release date for Nas’ new LP, Life Is Good. In addition, the label revealed that God’s Son next single, “Daughters,” will be arriving on May 1.

Burgeoning beatsmiths Da Internz—comprised of Kosine and Tuo—confirm that longtime fans will be more than satisfied with Nas’ 10th studio album, adding that the single will “explain it all.”

“He’s gonna let people know, ‘Yeah, the It Was Written Nas, the Nas Illmatic, this is what  I’m gonna give yall on this album,’ said Tuo of the production duo, which has been hard at work crafting tracks for the project. “So, when they drop [“Daughters”] next week, that’s where everybody’s gonna be like ‘Aight, he ain’t fucking around. ’Cause he ain’t!”

The two are also behind God’s Son’s current single, “The Don,” as they crafted the backdrop along with Salaam Remi and the late Heavy D.  ”Man it was an honor like you would not believe,” Kosine said. “Before we even put our hands on it we were told Heavy D and Salaam Remi did the record.”

“When someone like that great, passes away and to be like ‘Man I never even got a chance to work with him,’ and for this opportunity to kind of just come out of no where, it’s humbling,” he added. “The same with Salaam Remi, that’s a legendary producer as well so for us to be a part and bring our sound to that, it was just an honor.”

Fans can expect to see the music video premiere of “The Don” this Friday (April 27) on MTV and VEVO. Stay tuned to XXLMag.com’s XXcLusive interview with Da Internz where they speak on their come up, the mindset into crafting beats for Life Is Good and what other projects their currently working on.—Ralph Bristout

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  • Decatur ATL BOI

    That’s what’s up, Quality Hip Hop is back. ***Wacka Flocka exits the back door of the studio in shame***

  • DChu

    This is such Hype Bullshit…Who are these Pop Producers Da Internz (Chris Brown, Rihanna) to be talking about how this Nas album is gonna be like Illmatic, It Was Written…GTFOH! You gotta have Illmatic or It Was Written level production in order for the musical experience to compare. Sorry but Da Internz, Salaam Remi, No ID & Hit Boy are not making music on the level of either of those albums. That’s REAL TALK 4 you!

    • SDK


  • Jino

    I agree DChu. They need to get Large Profesor, Trackmasters, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, RZA, etc. not those wack ass producers. Salaam and ID are the best out of that bunch. And even their beats aren’t nearly on It Was Written or Illmatic level.

    • haha

      Nas’ production matches perfectly with his message. It’s to bad that people care more about an artists’ production than they do about the artists’ creativity or actual talent.

  • LB

    No I.D. is on a very good streak, so we’ll see how it goes from there. And for everyone wanting Preemo, PR etc they aren’t the producers they were 10 years ago. Preem has been sending every rapper atleast 10 beats and the man can’t find his way onto an album – I’m not sure if thats what I would want Nas working with

  • DChu


    Yeah B…Imma be honest with you, I think his new album is gonna be horrible truthfully. I’m rooting for him to do well, but Nas just doesn’t get it! Think about it, when was the last time Nas dropped an album and his core fans weren’t concerned about who was producing on the album? Stillmatic. That was 11 years ago. He needs to get a “Hip Hop” A&R and a solid go-to producer like he had with LES. It wouldn’t surprise me if this new album is his worst! After hearing that horrible Black Girl Lost 2 with HitBoy it seems like Nas is trying to chase Big Sean fans.

    • you can’t be serious

      You purist Nas fans are the fucking worst. All you people do is complain about a fucking beat/production. Nas is the most lyrically gifted artist and his purist fans are so ungrateful. You purist don’t know what the hell you want from Nas. No wonder he said “fuck it” I’m going to put the passion I want into my music because no matter what he does the purist/fake ass fans will hate. FYI: Black Girl Lost 2 was never going to be on the album. Nas can’t even release music for enjoyment without the purist acting like he has to create every song with perfection. GTFOH, Nas is human!

      • Taj

        @ you can’t be serious & really

        See fans like you don’t get it! Nobody is asking to Nas to remake Illmatic or It Was Written, but if you really don’t think that bad production has messed up a bunch of Nas albums or plays a big part in the lack of quality of his albums, than you are a part of the problem being a “YesMan”. You don’t understand Hip Hop music. The beat is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the lyrics. Nobody wants to hear what you have to say if the beat behind you is awful, that’s a fact! You’re just making excuses. Who cares if he intended for that song to be on the album, he should’ve never recorded over that horrible beat with that horrible hook to begin with. This isn’t just 1 album where he has done this, he does this Bullshit every album. I don’t what you guys are hearing, but it’s a long time since Nas delivered something dope, and I’m not talking about his features.

        • you can’t be serious

          OH STFU & go make an album full of the production you like. All you people do is complain but don’t have shit better to offer. What artists today are given these dope beats or dropping these dope as lyrics? NO ONE! Why the fuck don’t you people complain about these whack as artists that you seem to suck off when they give you bullshit lyrics & shitty production? People like you are a part of the problem you act like Nas has to be flawless. This shit s just cliche repetitive bullshit at this point. People are just cut & pasting the bullshit about Nas’ production. It’s to the point that people sound like complete and utter HATERS…people don’t complain this much about real issues in hip hop or the world for that matter. I’m not in Nas’ circle to be labeled a “YES MAN” but I’m positive that Nas’ talent shits on the hottest artists getting play at this moment. You complainers don’t care what Nas has to say regardless of his production is hot or not. I know for a fact that lyrics don’t matter to your kind that is why you’re so pressed to complain about Nas’ production but let the whack lyricists shine just because their production drowns out the bullshit they saying in their rhymes….hip hop is a pathetic genre today.

  • really

    Nas still has the lyrical ability of Illmatic & IWW he has proven that over the years with songs like: Rewind, Triple Beam Dreams, Ghetto Dreams, Carter 4 Outro verse ect. But he will NEVER create another Illmatic regardless of if he works with those producers or not. Illmatic is an album created to tell the story of the NYC environment at that particular time. Nas as an artist has evolved and his fans need to embrace him as a real artist…instead of constantly complaining about his beats.

  • NY88

    Nas said it best on that “Stillmatic” freestyle back in 01′… “..I can’t trust my fans.. out of luck, no constructive plans..” LET THAT MAN LIVE AND GROW! Niggaz want his old sh*t — buy his old albums! He wrote the majority of iLLmatic at 18, it’s 20 years, millions of dollars, beefs, losted loved ones, 2 ex wives and 2 children later! That’s life folks… but LIFE IS GOOD!

  • NY88

    Nas said it best on that “Stillmatic” freestyle back in 01′… “..I can’t trust my fans.. out of luck, no constructive plans..” LET THAT MAN LIVE AND GROW! Niggaz want his old sh*t — buy his old albums! He wrote the majority of iLLmatic at 18, it’s 20 years, millions of dollars, beefs, losted loved ones, 2 ex wives and 2 children later! That’s life folks… but LIFE IS GOOD!

  • land lord

    Life is Good will be his 10th cd. I don’t think Nas or any other legendary artist would drop the ball on their 10th project. We’ll see what’s up on 7.17.12

  • http://hotmail.com christopher flow

    it was written really damn im glad nas is back .. real fans buy his album .. nas get at me i got a backwood rolled right here in cali everyday hopefully u roll threw to blaze wid a brotha ….nas#1