Waka Flocka and his security team have pissed off the state of North Carolina.

According to TMZ, the rapper was hit with a cease and desist letter by the North Carolina Protective Services Board, saying Waka's security team isn't welcomed to NC during Waka's concert next month because they are unlicensed in the state.

Further, the NC Board cites a tour bus incident in Charlotte, NC, last year, during which members of Waka's team opened fire on cars after being shot, resulting in two arrests.

Consequently, North Carolina is refusing to let any members of Waka's entourage to provide any security while Waka is in the state. And, if they fail to comply, the NC Protective Services Board promises to file criminal charges.

TMZ spoke to an unidentified source close to the rapper, who said the NCPSB is just trying to harass them. The source also said Waka has a right to private security, just like anyone else, adding that Waka and his team are currently exploring their legal options. —Gina Montana