Rumor: Rapper Craig Mack Resurfaces as Member of a Religious Cult?

Remember Craig Mack?

Rumors are circulating that the former Bad Boy Artist has finally surfaced and is allegedly part of a religious cult down in South Carolina.

According to MediaTakeOut, the “Flavor In Ya Ear” rapper is a member of a South Carolina cult run by an 82-year-old American radio preacher named Brother R. G. Stair. Mack is allegedly living in a “secure compound” ran by the preacher, who is said to be a convicted sex offender charged with raping two women on the compound. The rapper’s family is “very upset” at his choice to live in such circumstances, according to the MTO post.

Though there is no official confirmation as to whether or not this report is true, the site posted an audio clip with what sounds like Mack’s voice speaking to Brother Stair about changing his life and joining the organization. Take a listen below and hear for yourself:

Craig Mack, who delivered hits like “Flava In Ya Ear” and “Get Down,” is a Grammy-nominated MC who rose to fame during his early days on Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. During his heyday, the rapper only produced two albums, Funk da World (1994) and Operation: Get Down (1997).  —Ben Simms

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  • Live1ne

    I feel sorry for this nigga. . .smh.

  • The god of rap

    Damn homie, back in the day you was the man homie the fuck happened to you

  • gadfire7

    Jesus, (not his real name was and) is a black man!!!

    • ms_spittuh

      Jesus ain’t real nigga. Fuck that shit. But this nigga is lost.

  • newhebrew

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    • Liza OnMe JenKINS

      Tell the truth..don’t stop now. Thank you for your comment.

  • CrisSayago

    What the hell Dude fucking snapped believing in the whole illumaniati shit got him twisted and now he’s gone to sunk down to this level wow smh

  • Kay

    Loon, Mase, now Craig Mack! Puffy be messin people’s life up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Steve

      No shit, let’s not forget who got Biggie killed as well by pushing him to retaliate in the beef, i wonder what MGK is gonna get into fuckin with diddy, shiiiiit

    • farooq

      diddy didnt do nothing to loon, loon is muslim. ALLAH which mean 1GOD open his heart up to the the truth. loon is keeping it moving on islam, and he is happy.what here with us in detroit in 09

  • SMH

    Are you watchin French Montana? This can be you in 15 years!

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  • Amber

    Brother Stair is a Man of God. And you guys better repent and beg God to save your souls. And Bro Stair never did them things. And so what, Craig Mack is following THE VOICE OF GOD!!!!!

  • http://youtube KENDY

    wow just pray

    • farooq

      yes,,,BUT!!! you must pray to the CREATER,and not the CREATION. jesus, mary ect and other created thing will be a waste.

    • kendy

      yes,,,BUT!!! you must pray to the CREATER,and not the CREATION. jesus, mary ect and other created thing will be a waste.

  • Touch

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