Nas Gives New Details on Life Is Good Album

Last week, Nas surprised fans when he released his new single, “The Don.” The song, produced by Salaam Remi, Da Internz and Heavy D, was a follow up to the Queens rapper’s single “Nasty,” which was released last June. Not only did it find the legendary MC in his zone once again, but it also hinted at the reality of a new Nas album, Life Is Good, later this year. Now, he’s giving some more details about the project.

“A lot of the tracks have [come from ideas] where I would take an idea from one of the guys that I’m working with and try to put it together with a different sound that I had in my head, or with someone else,” Nas recently told MTV News. “[I] just try to get people to collaborate who are not really used to working together and to get something different from me.” Though he didn’t give any further details on whom those collaborators would be, anyone familiar with Nas’ catalog is sure to expect some big-name endeavors.

During a storied career of nearly two decades, Nas has never gone this long—almost four years, in fact—without dropping a solo project. And although he served up Distant Relatives alongside Damian Marley in 2010, Nasty knows that fans want him in his purest form.

“It’s been a long time, it’s been five years since I released a studio album, solo album; so this record is everything,” he continued. “This is everything that I’ve got to say—I guess you’ve got to live a little and you put that in your music, so it’s coming from my life.”

Now that he released his latest single, the Def Jam rapper doesn’t plan on slowing down.

“It’s a summer album,” he said. “We’re gonna shoot the video for ‘The Don’ and get ready for the next song that’s in the chamber. It ain’t gon’ stop. It’s a whole story. ‘[The] Don’ just dropped, so we’re just letting that bubble and setting up the next one.” —Adam Fleischer

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  • iamlegend100

    Str8 up Legend, one of the best ever!!!

  • land lord

    Let’s Go Esco

  • TruOhio

    I really want that Nas + AZ album….no disrespect but I don’t want a Nas solo album right now.

    Nas, give the people what the want and drop that Nas + AZ duo album.

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      No One wants to hear from AZ man, dude is lifeless. Those days are over, go buy a form album or something for that.

  • Brand-New

    Word to the commet above…I really want that Nas/DJ Premier collaboration album to come to light too.

  • ant

    can we see Nas & Tech N9ne? or Nas & Vinnie Paz maybe?

  • johnisdope

    yo dosnt the dude to the left in the harley davidson ad look like Jadakiss. lmao!!




  • streets

    damn time Nas ….i m just dying to hear Eminem and Nas collabo..damn….

  • Om Sag

    Please don’t go there Nas & Em , Nas + AZ , Nas + Reakwon , Nas + Eric Sermon , Nas + Luda …… but not Em – just imagine the sound of Eminems voice on that track ….. no please

  • jtm

    we need him back.

    • http://Djbooth Tony

      Nas is insane. Plus the sanest mc alive …. Any critique is just a lark ….. He gets to do anything he wants. He is the most legendary musician alive. Fuck it!

  • Berto

    Two lyricist in the game NAS & EM that will be a classic. EM knows to get on lyrical side not corny shit. NAS & AZ album could be another Mafiaso Classic. “Let’s Be Honest This Industry Is Over Crowded With Garbage (New Wack Rappers)” J. Cole is leading the “New Gen” if he makes collabo with NAS that will be the new school & old school flava.

  • TRuthsayers

    Word to
    johnisdope, the dude next in harley add is Jada! Perhaps Jada on some hard ass makin steroids. Nas not one of best ever, HE is the best ever, nobody create concepts Original raps like he does. No one.