Game Says Spit Didn’t Hit Fan During Australia Altercation

A video of Game spitting at a fan during a concert in Australia surfaced on the net last night (March 5). But, the rapper tells that, while he did spit, it didn’t actually hit the fan. And, that he only spit in retaliation to heckling from the lady and her male friend.

“This girl and her dude were at the concert, and we had a meet and greet,” he said. “It was like 100 people, plus we have to get to an after-party, so we [focused on] doing everything on schedule. You shake my hand, I sign one thing from each person and take a picture with each person. So, they wanted to hold up the line, and there’s other people behind ’em, and we got time constraints. They acting crazy, [saying], ‘we paid all this money and we can’t even chill!’ I guess they wanted to chill, go back to the hotel and smoke with a nigga and be my kid’s godfather. So, security had to take them out because they got a little crazy.”

The altercation didn’t end there, though. Game adds that while the rowdy twosome was escorted from the meet-and-greet, they managed to make their way to the after-party, where they also acted recklessly.

“We go to the after-party and here are these same two people,” the Interscope signee continued. “They by the VIP [area], kind of doing the heckling shit, and throwing shit, throwing Red Bull cans. But ain’t none of it hitting me. The dude starts spitting loogies and drinking shit and spitting it. The shit started getting closer and closer to where we was at. He keeps spittin’ and finally, the fuckin’ shit hit me. So I went over and I fuckin’ spit.”

While he did admit to spitting, Game says his saliva didn’t actually hit anyone.

“My spit hit the fuckin’ ground,” he alleged. “That girl didn’t have no spit on her. The dude didn’t have no spit on him. They just saying some shit, making a scene, and then they left.

“That video don’t show me spitting on nobody,” he added. “I didn’t spit on nobody, but, I definitely tried to spit on the bitch. I just missed. But I’m not the best at aiming spit. Me, to get up and spit on somebody? I’m not doing that unless I’m provoked.” —Adam Fleischer

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  • QQ



    GAME IS TOO REAL..he a true G to the end..RED ALBUM…near classic..ricky, the city, born in the trap..dude never went games catalogue..keep doing your thing playa…haters keep hating, find haters comments below

    • 6661irrelevant

      The Game is a studio gangster just like his mentor. He got knocked out last year for running his mouth on Twitter. Then didn’t show his face until weeks later when it was healed. Saying he was never knocked out. When he even came out on the news for some local sheriff bullshit. Again running his mouth on Twitter. This dude got his ghetto pass revoked by his own brother Big Fase Hundred. So all the REAL members of BWS left him in 2009. Notice how his last 2 albums sound strayed away from that real West Coast Shit & more POP Rap. Why he lost his inspiration. AND WHY ALL THIS HATE TOWARD GAME??? Because he sold out his crew (G-Unit) to be famous. He used all his fame & money to discredit possibly one of the best crews in Hip-Hop. But when its his turn to get the rug pulled out from under his feet. The industry helps fake dudes like this protect their gangsta image. Think about it. Real G’s are feared in the industry. Cause they do what they want. Not follow orders. Like this clown.

      • LOL

        LOL, datz kinda stupid man. To not follow orders is exactly what he’s doing!


    @6661irrelevant …AS I stated, haters comment below…what a loser..relax bud…its music, not compton streets…game stay winning, net worth $25 million..and u r poor forever..:)

    • real

      Tha Truth, can you actually speak some truth?? No one cares about his net worth. Folks aren’t hating by calling out what he did for what it is–he SPIT on someone…by his own admission, whether he supposedly missed or not, he tried to. He has body guards and security for that stuff. To spit on folks that are heckling you is the poorest taste that I could imagine. My support of Game ends here. Not hating…just real.

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  • JD

    So now everytime a paying customer don’t agree with you or heckles you you spit on them.
    REPRESENT! A TRUE “MC” goes with the flow.
    That’s why they call it ENTERTAINMENT!

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