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ues hanging in the We The Best Studios in Miami, but rest assured DJ Khaled and Ace Hood are suffering from hunger pains. Both are hard at work on new projects. Khaled, as visible in his boastful promo that dropped yesterday (March 28), is releasing (link) his Kiss The Ring LP in the next few months and on Friday (March 30), Ace is releasing his second mixtape in less than three months, Starvation.

“My ritual is if I ain’t on the road, I’m recording man,” Ace revealed recently in his team’s lair. “Every time I’m home I spend all my time recording. Of course [I spend time] being with my little girl. But [work] is it’s based upon. I do the road and I come home and record. But I always be writing on the road. Nothing is never enough for me. I just dropped a mixtape a month and a half ago, it’s not enough for me. I’m starving. Starvation ain’t enough for me. Even when I drop Starvation I’m coming withBody Bags, something where I’m killing instrumentals. It’s never enough. I’m at that point in my life where I’m murdering everything. Anything I come across, I’m out here getting it.”

In advance of his mixtape, Hood has already dropped the songs “Hallucinations” and “Different People” featuring The Game.

“I’m back to my old saying, ‘I’m grinding everyday like I ain’t got a deal,’” Ace said. “You would think I didn’t have a hit record. You would think I didn’t have a couple of cars and a house the way that I grind. That’s what keeps me focused.”—Shaheem Reid