50 Cent Reveals Album Release Date

Earlier this morning (March 20), 50 Cent took to Twitter to announce the release date for his forthcoming fifth studio album. Formerly titled Black Magic—that title has since been scrapped— the album, according to Fif, will be dropping on July 2nd.

“My album is coming out July 2. I got some heat, trust me. I’m ready,” he tweeted.

That first week of July will be an interesting one for the G-Unit general as he will also be celebrating his birthday.

“My birthday’s July 6, so, that’s a cool date for ME. It’s gonna be July 2 album, July 4 Independence Day, then July 6 my birthday.”

The announcement comes after previous nixed release dates for the upcoming album and boiling frustration from ‘Fif against his Interscope label. Just two months ago, after a premature leak of the untitled-fifth studio album’s lead single, “Girls Go Wild,” 50 took to Twitter to vent his disappointment in the label, tweeting, “I have lost all the faith in the team I’m on [and] I have nothing left to say. I will not be promoting my music. I’m going to deliver this album then I have a film I wrote to focus on. I’m not upset, I’m just convinced this is not how I want to be remembered.”

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as more information on 50 Cent’s forthcoming album becomes available.—Ralph Bristout

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    I hope that after this album flops, 50 will finally realize that he is done. He can’t blame anyone, not even himself, he got to realize he does not have that mass appeal. Just take your 300 mill and disappear on a island homie, planet of the apes looking mofo…RED ALBUM ALL DAY SON…

    • hinga

      To bad R.E.D. album sold 98k and Game still thinks its going to go platinum. Please sit down Rick Ross you need more and more sales.

  • francis nasim

    and i am the five star general of g-note records-”you forgot to mention that part broad street bully-yeah—oh hello all-i am well,and you-dre,we chargin infinite amounts at g-note so dont expect the delaware gangsta to fu#$k wit cha-what up t.i-what up shawty

    • alex

      go back to high school ur not making sense g

  • Lynx


    • hinga

      Thank you at least sum one understands that 50 was the last real nigga and has to bring aggressive music back. This soft rap bubblegum era is killing hip hop and everyone knows it. Theres tooo much fake shit!

  • Fireforreal

    I’m good. This album will be weak and interscope will take all the blame. Rappers need to see that if an album flops you blame the lable. In the words of the wise L.A. Reid If it’s a success the artist gets all the credit. So let’s think about everybody, when the music isn’t good should they promote the hell out of your wack ass project ? 50′s gonna sound like any former artist of a major company. It’s not me. My shit was hot they didn’t promote it right lol

  • Mike Jones

    Does anyone honestly care? Even if the album is “good” its prolly not gonna sell because nobody really cares about 50 cent in 2012….he’s irrelevant, washed up, old, played-out ect. Im kinda hopin it flops too so he can quit rapping and make room for the new niggas comin up. hopefully he can take soulja boy with him…that would just be a blessing!

  • http://xxlmag.com chi tilla

    wow you niggas kill me!!! Its niggas like The truth Mike jones and other fuckboys who love ex cop, skinny jean half fag niggas like Rick ross lil wayne Drake and nem. You niggas the reason why rap sucks these days!! you niggaz seriouusly need to check yall gangsta!!! The game needs this album!!! as long as the corperates have dumb ass fuckboys like you buying this bullshit we gonna continue to have this bullshit soft ass music!!

    • alex

      well said man someone who knows wat i see

  • jr88

    yup…the game needs this to succeed because if it does it will show you dont need wayne,drake or wear skinny jeans or stand next to justin beiber to sell records…..smh…all these dudes say 50 is fake …but they listen to ross and wayne…smh

  • dubp977

    cosign jr88 and chi tilla The Truth always commenting bout Game, dont u kno the Red album flopped

  • 797

    hope 50 drops a big album..i miss those days when the rap game was actually real..now we have faggots like drake yelling yolo and officer ricky talking about being a drug dealer, and countless number of other soft rappers getting mainstream buzz..its actually so sad what rap has become..good luck 50

  • Sha

    Yall dudes need to recognize a couple of things….. If this album from 50 flops (and it’s a high probability that it will) you can blame it on the same thing that all artists are guilty of….


    When you’re humble and on the come up your vision is clear. You build alliances and you move with as little static as possible. But as your money and influence grows, so does your ego. You start sh*ttin’ on cats for no reason. You believe the label hype about who you are as an ARTIST, but you forget about who you were as a PERSON. Pretty soon, you’re a shadow of your former self. Alliances are destroyed. Friends become enemies. And pretty soon you realize that maybe, just maybe, that greasy label exec made you eat that Napoleon philosophy just for his own gain. You gain clarity during this moment. You realize that there are a million people more talented than you. So you try to branch out and “EXPERIMENT” as an artist. But it’s too late. Your music gets “Type Cast” and no one is willing to give you 2 minutes (let alone an hour) for your new album.

    Where does all of this leave you?


    • Haha

      You said shitting on cats… haha that’s funny in non-oldschool hip hop slang…

  • SSK27

    yall niggas acting like fif aint shit lol the only album that flop was BISD and that was 3 years ago. how hes not relevant no album and fif be in every hip hop website yall niggas hate cuz hes still a big force in the game and he still richer than these nikkas on right now!! JULY 2 THATS IT THATS ALL


    You chumpz are garbage 50 run shit weezy trash rick ross fake ass nigga..you skinny jean ass niggas needa get that dick out yo ass on that weird shit 50 created game….get off the sack YEEE

  • niggadick

    we need fifty back, rap sucks now

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