Tyga’s Careless World Album Not Being Sold in Best Buy & Target

Tyga’s new album is projected to post respectable first-week’s sale numbers, despite it not being carried in at least two of the largest retailers in the country.

The YMCMB rapper’s sophomore effort, Careless World, is projected to sell 70-80,000 copies in its first week, according to HITS Daily Double. The music website adds that the sales were “all digital.”

XXLMag.com learned that Best Buy and Target, two of the nation’s largest retailers, pulled Careless World after originally stocking it in their stores on Tuesday (Feb. 21), the LP’s release date.

“We did carry the album, but we pulled it due to the content had not been cleared by the Martin Luther King estate,” Carolyn Aberman, Best Buy’s Public Relations Senior Manager, told XXLMag.com.

Aberman is referring to an uncleared sample from Martin Luther King’s famous, “I  Have A Dream” speech that plays at the end of the title track, “Careless World.”

Tyga fans also tweeted in fury about not being able to purchase the album at Target. One fan even posted a picture of Target’s Tyga disclaimer on their timeline.

The Target sign reads, “Due to a manufacturer product recall, the Tyga: Careless World CD that is featured in this week’s ad will not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience. Rain checks are not available.”

Target and Walmart didn’t immediately return phone calls from XXLMag.com. Fans did express that they were able to buy Careless World at Walmart, however.

The news comes after Tyga tweeted, “Careless World will be everywhere in stores today!!! Target, Best Buy, Walmart!!!!!” on Wednesday in hope that the MLK sample wouldn’t become an obstacle.

Tyga’s Careless World features his hit singles, “Far Away” and “Rack City,” and the recently released, “Kings & Queens” featuring Nas and Wale. —Mark Lelinwalla

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  • Blaq_Kratos

    Good, this album should be pulled from all stores. Music like this is the reason hip-hop is on the decline, make that flatline.

  • BG

    your an idiot

    • Blaq_Kratos

      comin from a dude who uses the wrong “your”….no my man, YOU’RE an idiot

      • http://www.twitter.com/mwhelchel7 Matthew

        dont hate on someones dream, it has taken this kid 10 years to finally release an album. thats like me saying i hope, if you have a job, that your company gets shut down or you get fired. dont put down this kids employment. appriciate that he is making music in the studio and not in the streets doing drugs, killing people, and committing crimes.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/iamadamthegreat Adam the Great

    Blaq, I agree with ya brugh. anybody who rep’s for dudes who wear cheetah “CAPRI’S” is suspect too. and yeah, I said it. sucka’z poisoning the mind of the future rep’s get’s no luv.

  • P

    I Support it, album is good thats why it got an XL ranking you Dumbf**ks. Adam & black you need get in where you fit in Pussy’s

  • bob

    he should have clear it first

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  • IROC

    This some wack bullshit anyway his 15min is all most up its way to much garbage out here/ and this lame SUCK !

  • http://facebook roger lopez

    yall niggas stfu tyga is the shit (y)

  • Jason Santana

    That’s Wrong. I Think He Deserve His Album To Be Sold Everywhere, Target & Best Buy Is Just Making An Excuse Or Some, From My Thoughts “

  • http://Live.com Tyga best fan

    Fuck everyone who hate my nigger and he is one of my best rappers so BACK OFF!!?all of u.

  • fernando

    every stop hating on TYGA hes doing his thang ,hes making good music nd good money ,everything you niggas be saying aint gonna change that hes still gonna keep making music nd money so all you hatters should shut all ya mouths nd be proud on the nigga let that nigga be happy cuz you bunch of dick aint doing nothing but waste ur time talking shit

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  • t money

    Thats kinda funny that peopleare hatin saying tyga aint going no where thats what they said about drake and nicking manaj but arent they still around and getting bigger I mean alot bigger??? Bitches are jealous cuase they cant compare most people dont understand the kind of talent it takes. Try rapping and then talk shit its not easy. Lil Wayne found the best team of rappers ever and one by one each member of young money is makin it huge so fuck the haters! Ymcmb!!