Rapper Max B Denied Appeal, Set to Remain In Prison Until 2042

Former Dipset affiliate Max B will have to serve out the next 30 years in prison before he is eligible for parole in 2042.

The Harlem rapper, real name Charly Wingate, has been in a New Jersey State Prison cell since 2009 after he was convicted on nine out of 11 counts of murder, robbery and conspiracy charges, stemming from a botched robbery in 2006 that resulted in the murder of David Taylor. Max with his former girlfriend, Gina Conway, and stepbrother, Kelvin Leerdam, had plotted to rob Taylor and his associate Allan “Jay” Plowden at a Holiday Inn.

Max was sentenced to 75 years, but had hoped that a successful appeal would have him free by the end of 2011. He revealed in an interview back in April 2011, “You might see me in the summer. You might see me at the end of the year. I’m just waiting on the appellate courts, all my paperwork is done.”

The rapper used the moniker Biggaveli; a combination of Notorious B.I.G’s “Biggie”, Jay-Z’s “Jigga” and Tupac’s “Makaveli.” Believing he was a combination of the three great artists, Max B rose to popularity after appearing on many Dipset albums and penning the chorus to Jim Jones’ top 10 hit “We Fly High” in 2006.

He later had a falling out with the Dipset capo and began to align himself with the recent XXL 2012 Freshman, French Montana. The duo released a slew of successful mixtapes under the Coke Wave imprint until Max was sentenced. —Nicholas Sella

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  • Decatur ATL BOI

    That’s only 30 more years son, as soon as you get out you can drop an album. Damn loser.

    • donaldBABYDbridger

      quit talkin shit on the internet to niggas with more money than you and get you some bread, FREE MAX B DAWGGGGGGGGG

  • Vert Pattrson

    that messed up man im keep poping bottles and drinking grandcru for max B that homie was a true artist

    • CRack

      sORRY bRUH THEY DONT EVEN Make Grand Cru no more,they have for like 2 years, they still got Remy jus not the Cru,Free Max Surfer Don BiggaVell owwwww

  • Doc Menace

    man, no disrepect but how do you get linked to 11 crimes? snitchin or sloppiness, something just aint right….

  • black jesus

    FREE MAX B!!!!!!

  • alderman j

    Nigga got what he deserved, look, i dont want to see nobody do no time, but when you go as far as a nigga like MAX did, knowing you have another route you can go……….the LORD WILL HAVE NO MERCY!! Once i was able to work and make enough money to pay the bills the HUSTLIN went out the window, and i aint never had a hit on the radio or did shows and made 10-15 grand a night!! NIGGA TURNED HIS BACK ON HIS BLESSING!!!!

    • godknowsall

      @alderman j thats is true. i had to step back. blessings dont come in that form nowadays its hard to get put on. max b could have blown.

    • You Already

      Man what are you saying? god is merciful what he did was what he did thats his own fault but people make mistakes some can affect you depending on how bad you messed up but my point is god shows mercy he better be on his knees every night “pause” because the lord is all he has in there


    Damn that’s a long time.
    No Joke.

  • slimmwood

    damn cuh…may as well start rockin a baldy

  • godknowsall

    was 30,000 worth it. you know you finished. nobody waiting 30 years for him. all the rappers no will retire or be dead.

  • westcoastwavy

    its a dam shame!! Max B had alot of talent and potential, and he was definitely swaggd out not like these other watered down rappers out there. In the XXL interview it seemed like he was more than positve that he would be released…another wasted talent…we still gone rock for you out here in the west coast and listen to yo music ,keep it wavy juu heard!! FREEE MAX BIGGAVELLE!!

  • He’s a Moron

    Anyone who says “Free Max B” when he killed someone is a f*cking idiot.

  • westcostwavy

    ^^by saying FREE MAX B, im simply showing sum support you Moron. Obviously that aint guna bring him out, and even more, u have no idea or any facts about the case. He might be in there over sum fucked up evidence, u dont know if he merked anyone so keep your dam Moron mouth shut.

    • Still Guilty

      the two females shot n killed the victim, when arrested they informed police that max b had orchestrated the entire robbery….along with others

  • Pop Off Master

    Max B. Finished. Bye. Bye.

  • aaron

    it is officially over…wow! dam shame!

  • EHO,BX163RD

    this nigga a dickhead ,,, he couldnt wait 4 his turn to shine , and did sum dum shit… but now he shines everyday in a jail where u anit shit…. u only hav ursef 2 blame…. aaaooooowwwwwwwwwwwww

  • EHO,BX163RD

    this nigga a dickhead ,,, he couldnt wait 4 his turn to shine , and did sum dum shit… but now he shines everyday in a jail where u anit shit…. u only hav ursef 2 blame…. aaaooooowwwwwwwwwwwww

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  • Jade

    He never killed anyone, did you clearly read “He wasn’t at the crime scene..” I doubt he “mastermined, telling his brother to kill the guy execution style.”

  • dwight corley

    my cousin in jail im sad