DMX Doesn’t Regret Past Decisions, Album Coming Second Quarter

DMX has faced many trials and tribulations in his life, but the rapper says he doesn’t regret any of the decisions he’s made so far.

When recently asked X man if he had any regrets about the choices he made in the past, he replied: “Nothing. I would change nothing.  Everything that I went through and got through, makes me who I am. And I love who I am.”

X also told XXL that despite an original release date of March 27, DMX’s first album in six years, Undisputed, will drop later in the year.

Undisputed is dropping in the second quarter,” he confirmed.

He also revealed he called on the help of his long time friend and producer, Swizz Beatz, to contribute to the project, adding that he feels like he hasn’t lost a beat in the music game.

“I never stopped being at it.  So it’s not like I’m back at it,” he said. “Every time I go to jail and come home, once a week I got a show.  So I was like, I stay conditioned.”

But DMX admits he hasn’t come this far alone. In fact, he credits God for seeing him through the hard times.

“God— He has his hand on my heart,” he confessed.  ”And I could make a mistake and that’s alright.  Not that I would try.  I’m not going to try. You know, I don’t wanna say right now. I know I’m protected so I really don’t know.”

DMX recently said during an interview with New York Radio Station Power 105.1 that he was done with the “hard stuff,” and only drinks liquor and smokes weed these days. He’s also set to appear in reality show “Relationship Rehab” alongside estranged wife, Tashera Simmons, reports TMZ.—Chanel Clark

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  • OGEE83

    X is one of the few older rappers who I feel can still make an impact. His energy and honesty are truly lacking in the currently in rap. Here’s a guy who is flawed and isn’t afraid to show you or admit he’s still making mistakes. He’s us and we’re him and he’ll forever be loved for it.

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    DMX needs to go to sleep…like a dirt nap. Dude is washed

  • deered

    DMX is the realist,you cant do nothin but respect him,as far as him being washed up, I dont think so, the man went through some stuuf in his life but his free stylez speaks for itself

  • http://YAHOO eddy

    DMX is a boss and the game needs him i am from the CARIBBEAN TRINIDAD to be exact and a huge hip hop fan the game needs him so there can be a differeniation between a rhymer and a RAPPER NUFF-SAID

  • RealNigga

    On some real shit, DMX peaked with …..And Then There Was X. all his shit after that was trash because he never touches on new topics and grounds…..I used to be a diehard Darkman X fan, but honestly it’s time for dude to find a new hobby…..he’s not a Nas or Jay where his material, even as he’s slipping a bit, maintains a standard…..DMX had 3 great albums and the rest are just FUCKING TERRIBLE

  • Not a hater just a fan with a honest critique

    sales predictions million copies first week all the shit he’s been through since we last heard from him on mic can’t wait to hear the heat i know he has in store. i’m actually glad the album got pushed back he’s gotta make this comback album right.

    A little worried about his sobriety plan though eventually drinking an smokin will lead him back to that other shit a million addicts have tried it that way never works he needs to fully commit himself to NA or AA. i know he thinks he made his best album it’s dark an hell is hot while drugged up but if eminem can learn to still make great music without the drugs X can do it to.

  • aaron


  • grifin_griff nairobi

    this niga z got many suprises,watch out..we need you back in the game.

  • LUIZ

    does anyone know the official date of his new album release? i thought it was coming out on june 26th but i couldnt find the cd anywhere