Birdman Aims to Drop 16 Albums Under YMCMB in 2012

Baby’s ambition is clear: the flamboyant Cash Money CEO wants to release 16 albums under the YMCMB umbrella within the first six months of this year.

After recently explaining to how the deal with Fred Durst’s 1990s rock-rap band, Limp Bizkit, came about, Birdman tells there are still other acts from genres other than rap that he and Slim are interested in scooping up to further expand the roster.

“I think bringing Fred and Limp Bizkit to the team gives us a different look,” Birdman says. “We dominate rap, but we’re also trying to grow in different areas; Pop, rock, gospel, country.”

Of course, Cash Money will always be hip-hop heavy with headlining acts such as Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake, but Baby wants to dominate in other areas as well.

“We’re a brand and we don’t want to be categorized as one type of brand,” Stunna continued. “I think we’re a machine and we activate and were active as a machine. I thought this Limp Bizkit move would be big for us as a brand and a machine.”

Birdman revealed to that Limp’s first single will feature Lil Wayne and comes out next week.

Already, there’s a rash of artists under the YMCMB umbrella with music on the way. Bow Wow’s, Underrated, LP and Lil Twist’s, Don’t Get It Twisted drop a week apart on March 13 and March 20, respectively, while Nicki Minaj’s, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is slated for April 3. New albums from Busta Rhymes and Mystikal—also new YMCMB signees—have summer release dates as well. —Shaheem Reid @ShaheemReid

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  • http://xxlmag JR

    Even tho i’m not a fan of Cash Money/Young Money music you gotta respect Baby’s hustle.


    i dont believe anything this oldman says he has lied before and lied again

  • Smitty

    people need to stop buyin these albums so this dude quit makin money nd actin like an idiot

  • D-Lloyd

    I just wanna hear Mystikal album.

  • KING

    “We dominate rap, but we’re also trying to grow in different areas; Pop, rock, gospel, country.”………….YMCMB Gospel? No. No.

  • Nino

    This dude is crazy! He tryna get into Gospel now! This gotta be the end of the world y’all.

  • Brand-New

    Wishfull thinking…I remember 50 cent having similar aspirations with the G-Unit label, and we all know how well that worked out, i expect the same thing to happen here.

    • sup doe?

      YMCMB is a lot bigger than g-unit records

      • Anonymous

        But wack as hell

  • DJ 1Mic

    LoL G Unit was poppin for 5 years, Cash Money is on there 4th 100+ Million Dollar distribution deal… thats like comparing dreamcast to playstation ha

  • @jamesARcomedy

    this just in.. YMCMB signs Babyface, Earth Wind and Fire, Lil FLIP and Jason Weaver aka J-Weav.

    • Ted Flynt

      Also just in he signed Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin and having talks with Shirley Caesar. Kirk Franklin Feat. Plies is dropping a new single next week called “Jesus is a REAL Ni**A”

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  • Nasir

    he is doing a great job

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  • aaron

    in order to make all of this successful… have to hire people who worked those genres of music….if he do this then he will be successful….each genre has a market that is different……so be careful and stay in your lane…

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    OH GOD NO!

  • Rozell

    I want to sign to young money I got talent

  • Jeff

    I love you Birdman,lil wayne,mack miles,Drake,Rick ross,Dj khaled,Tyga,lil Twist and so on…YMCMB i you all