Who’s Hotter Challenge: Kim Kardashian or Amber Rose? [Prettier Face Edition]

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    Who's Hotter Challenge: Kim Kardashian or Amber Rose? [Prettier Face Edition]
    Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose have been going back and forth, trading comments for over a week now. It started last week with Amber Rose calling Kim Kardashian a "homewrecker" in Star Magazine, claiming that Kimmy came between her and relationship with then-boyfriend Kanye West. Although Amber apologized soon thereafter, Kim subliminally tweeted, "Remember, people only rain on your parade because they're jealous of your sun & tired of their shade." Amber responded by telling TMZ that she has proof that 'Ye and Kim K hooked up. Whatever the case may be, there's no doubting that they're two of the hottest ladies around. But who's hotter? <i>XXL</i> wants to settle this once and for all. The brilliant minds on staff decided to set off a four-part series, which will begin with the prettier face segue to the better body and end with pure sex appeal [smashability factor if one will] before declaring a winner. <i>XXL</i> starts this challenge with the face. So, who has the prettier face - Kim Kardashian or Amber Rose? Flip through this gallery and vote now. Next week, it's onto the body!
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  • The Homie

    i really dont know

    kim has had some work done on her face and body cause if you check photos from a few years ago she looks a lot different and she been with too many men i might catch something

    • Koollie

      Even if Kim has done something, she looked even better before. So Kim is, was and will always be more beautiful.

      But Amber is a beautiful woman too. She has really feminine curves and she is cute. Wish she had feminine curve too though.

    • CaponeMOB

      yo XXL,WHO THE FUCK CARES?! nobody gives a shit who’s prettier and what this has to do with with hip-hop? other then kanye west leaving his sperm on these dirty bitches mouths?
      first amber was a stripper,so you could guess how many wiz kahlifa look alikes she sucked up in the club for money or status
      which is saying some thing cuz wiz kahlifa is a scrawnny goofy looking dude,which theres plenty of in those clubs.
      and she would clearly NEVER even consider fuckin a nigga like wiz if he was a regular joe. bitch is shallow and a dirty whore.

      and KIM K. need i say more? all you need to know is her name for you to know what she’s about.any body that makes a name for them selfs based on a sex tape is the SUPERIOR DIRTY WHORE.she got famous by ray j fuckin her in the ass and suckin him off. and just by seeing one of her interviews you can tell right away she’s the the ULTIMATE shallow whore.point in case her 3 day marriage. all she gives a shit about is status and being a diva.
      which last time i checked you actually gotta to do some thing to become a diva in the entertainment business.but i guess she entertained us with her boring sex tape so i guess she qualifies. her DAD must be so proud of her.

      all that being said if i had to choose a bitch to sexually degrade it would be KIM K(pissing in her mouth comes to mind). so i guess she’s the “prettier” one. …SMFH at XXLMAG.

  • T

    I guess Amber has the prettier face but she needs to not overload on clown makeup.

  • Some guy

    Bitch needs to grow some hair seriously why the fuck anyone thinks she hot looking like a dude with that shape-up

  • o.skino

    word up… f*ck that tryna look cool sh*t… she reminds me of Sigourney Weaver in Aliens 3!! lol

  • bc

    so xxl is hosting popularity contests between these two now?? smh. i hate new hip hop.

    • matt

      in what context is this hip-hop exactly? this is just a whos face is prettier how does this affect the current state of hip-hop

      • bc

        it’s the fact that one of the most well known hip hop publications is covering dumb shit like this when there are far more important things that could be covered. i don’t come to a hip hop site to vote which star fucker has the better face.

  • E

    skino and some guy said exactly what was on my mind … lmao anybody else notice this bitch is bald?? beautiful my ass!

  • That Kid

    Amber looks like a hedgehog.

  • fastflipper

    xxl is doing b.s. topics cuz is the hot thing of the week

    who care they both sc8m bags

  • http://xxl BIGED


  • http://xxl BIGED


  • Pacer

    There both morons.

    But Amber Rose has a face like a smashed crab with a bike chain.

  • 4real

    Amber Rose looks like bobby from king of the hill.

  • georgie*boy

    Who cares they’re both non-celebrity trash.

  • david hartson

    XXL are you just looking for something to talk about. Who cares or are you forcing us to care? What does hotter mean anyway? There are far more relevant topics you could cover than that bull crap-the power is in You not them.

  • TommyVercetti

    I think Kim has a prettier face but Amber rose has the whole Ass and Tities on lock


    When we don’t comment, that shows we don’t give a f{%K! FYI-

  • http://xxlmag.com alton

    amber rose hands down

  • imani

    This was truly a “TOSS UP”! While both woman are extremely beautiful. However I have to go with Amber simply because SHE IS BALD! Pretty is as a pretty does!!! My logic behind this theory is we have seen Amber with and without hair; still her beauty “always,” almost effortlessly, delivers. Not neglecting to mention (despite peoples constant slander and opinions of her) she always displays a genuine, positive, peaceful aura. Kim also very beautiful, has had work done on her face, comes across as “SUPER FAKE/MEDIA DRIVEN,” attitude sucks, etc. I almost failed to mention that we have only seen Kim in 1 or 2 “comfortable” looks (i.e hairstyles). So once again I’m ridin’ with Amber, any chick that can rock a baldy and still turn heads is my definition of “THE PRETTIEST GIRL!” Kim- if you shave your head and you still are beautiful in the result, then maybe my opinion will change. #teamAMBER!!!!!


    First of them ones chatting about kim k getting work done of course she hasnt she just uses make up to change up her features a little bit dumbass second Amber is hot as hell everyone knows this and who cares if she was a stripper my girl is doing her thing getting man getting paid which more than you dumb fools. Yall be judging them both but that aint your place if it aint botherin their man why’s it botherin you so much? Jheeze some people you know they can chat so much shit cah they ass is single and they aint getting no sex.

    Pretty wise kim is prettier no doubt but amber is hotter!