Oh what a tangled web we weave...

Last week, Pill took to Twitter to vent about his label situation with Warner Bros. Now, the rapper tells MTV he was never even officially signed to Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group to begin with.

"I never signed any paperwork with Ross," Pill revealed. "It was just my deal was over at Warner already."

The Atlanta spitter, best known for street bangers like "OK Denn" and "Trap Goin' Ham," says he was signed to Asylum/Warner Bros. at the end of 2009, nearly a year before Ross brought his label over via a distribution deal. He also says he was unaware of any conversations Rozay might've had with Warner about his career, but that he began to get calls from the Bawse, and that's how their relationship kicked-off. A handful of collaborations later, it was assumed that Pill had joined the MMG roster along with Wale and Meek Mill, but that was never the case, he says.

While Pill did appear with MMG on a number of team projects, including the October 2011 XXL cover and the pre-taped BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher (although he didn't perform with the crew during the actual show), Pill says it was because Ross extended a hand and offered him exposure, but that's it.

"I never really went on tour with them; I never really did anything with them," he said. "The only time I performed on tour with them is when it stopped in Atlanta. They still showed love to a nigga when it was time to go to Vegas, or Cali, you know, whatever the label had put together for us to be on as a whole."

Additionally, Pill says there are no hard-feelings.

"I ain't got nothing against none of them, nobody," he assured. "It's just the situation don't work... It's cool with us, I don't got nothing against Ross either. It's just I don't talk to him.

"I ain't really got too much to say to somebody that ain't got too much to say to me," he continued. "I'm not a brownnose, I ain't a punk ass nigga and I'm not finna go trying to chase behind somebody that ain't sayin' nothing to me."

Pill's lawyers are currently attempting to break the Warner contract, according to the music news site. —Gina Montana