Nas’ No-Show in Angola Allegedly Sparks Kidnapping

A New Years Eve concert no-show by Nas in Angola is being blamed for the alleged kidnapping of an American concert promoter and his son.

According to TMZ, Patrick Allocco of AllGood Entertainment and his son were abducted at gunpoint because of the rapper’s failure to show. A rep from AllGood stated that Nas along with opening act Jemiah Jai were paid 315k to perform two shows in Angola however, the two failed to make their appearances. Allocco’s team went on to say that both Patrick and his son were snatched up by hired assailants working “for a local ‘concert impresario’ named Henrique ‘Riquhino’ Miguel” who was allegedly paid a heap sum for the NYE show.

The rep also revealed that Miguel “was PISSED and didn’t want Allocco to leave the country without resolving the whole money issue … so he sent his people to take them into custody at gunpoint.” There Patrick and his son were reportedly handed over and interrogated for up to seven hours.

A U.S. Embassy personnel confirmed to TMZ that the two are “in residence” at a local hotel and are in the process of resolving the money issue with Miguel. Patrick gave this statement to his rep team: “The hope is that Nas and Jemiah Jai will return all of the monies that were wired to them immediately so that our ransom may be paid and our safe return to the United States may be facilitated.”

Neither Nas nor Jemiah Jai’s reps have responded to emails as of press time.—Ralph Bristout

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  • HU

    No one who raps or works in the rap industry can be trusted for anything. These people are all self-absorbed scum. This includes everyone from lowly hype men to A-list rap stars.

    • AS

      Hey friend, I don’t support rap music as much as I do with other music, but I don’t think it’s fair generalize or to make blanket statements, which essentially say that they are all people in the rap industry are “untrustworthy and self-absorbed scum.” I know that there are bad some people in rap, but there are bad people in all tiers of life… Music, medicine, law enforcement, you name it. Just saying friend.

    • FU

      @HU: man, who the fuck are you to say something like that? Do you work in the industry? Do you know anyone in the industry? That kind of generalization is where things like racism come from… by assuming that the acts of one mirror the acts of the total sum… just because a few people aren’t moral doesn’t mean that all aren’t moral. Fuck, I’ve encountered dirty cops, dirty doctors, dirty lawyers, but all aren’t that way. It’s people like you that make those kinds of generalizations that drive forward the grave injustices that must be swept out of our communities. Get your head straight.

  • Kevin

    Well said, AS.

  • $yk

    HU still using that Howard U knowledge to look down on the hood dwellers? SMH

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Or…just maybe…it’s all a scam, Nas was never personally booked and dude took the money and telling people he could produce Nas for a concert.

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