Kenecia Lii, She’ll Make You Do a Double Take, [Web Candy x Gallery]

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Photography courtesy of 2020 Photography

REPS: Miami, FL

STATS: 32C-25-36

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “Launching my swimwear line, Palace of Passion, becoming the 2011 spokes model for AKOO clothing brand, making a guest appearance on 106 & Park and being featured in South Florida’s local newspaper for my swimwear launch and music career. [I’m] currently working on my upcoming CD, and finishing school with a major in finance.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “My favorite artist is Beyoncé Knowles because of the energy and emotion she puts into every song she sings. It makes her such a phenomenal recording artist, as well as an amazing performer.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Lil Wayne’s, ‘How to Love,’ because the video gives you twp scenarios when taking a positive or negative route in life, and the outcomes. This lets us know that what we choose in life can determine our destination.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “I would love to play the lead in my own video, directed by Francis Lawrence because I have seen his work and know what he’s capable of. He is such an amazing director, and has directed some of the most talented artists in the industry.”

SEX APPEAL: “My personality, my ambition to be successful and my confidence in who I am. My favorite body part would be my eyes. I’ve always been told they are mesmerizing.”

TURN-ON: “My ultimate fantasy is to find true love, take a romantic trip to Bora Bora and spend time with that special someone. What turns me on about the opposite sex is someone that has a nice smile, who is well groomed, ambitious, fun, loving, intelligent and knows how to treat a woman.”


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  • J.R.

    i would do terrible, terrible, things to her

  • Spyda Tha Cannon

    Dat monk…

  • Seymour Butt

    Need to see her without the help of photoshop

    • Candi

      I know this young lady and believe it or not she look even better in person. But you can visit her facebook and see all the pictures you want.

  • http://xxl Casey Sparxx

    Now thats how u start up the new year, she is too Nice.

  • Carole

    Now that is a beautiful girl!

  • Candi

    Wow! I knew she would eventually be in someone magazine she is a very beautiful girl. Looks even better in person.

  • 804boy

    She is gorgeous, nice body, beautiful skin tone, she’s educated. I gotta move to FL, Cali, or TX. Those 3 states got the baddest women. I prefer to move to Florida though.

  • Damien

    This is the most stunning, Educated female I have ever seen in XXL before. I would love to see more of you babe and I see you sing also please hurry and come out I will attend every concert you have. VERY BEAUTIFUL

  • space

    Very Beautiful, she looks amazing. reminds me of a few music industry woman, does she sings or something. Rhi Rhi where you at???

  • kb

    beautiful……so proud of her , i dont know too many girls that work as hard as her very ambitious…much love!

  • Shyla Jennings

    WOW!!!!!! She does look like Rihanna, but even more beautiful…. Keep it up Ms. Kenecia Lii, I am definitely going to follow you.

  • Aveda Institute*Moni

    I like to see a beautiful woman and give her credit for keeping up a clean image! But what I love is that she is a wonderful woman inside. I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with Kenecia. Kenecia’s well mannered , never disrespectful, kind hearted, educated and straight forward. I’ve give props to her sisters and mother . They too are great women and are careful with the sharks that prey upon her!

  • Ci Ci

    I also have had the honor of meeting Miss Kenecia. I am so very proud of you mama and definitly know you are destined to do great things. Keep up the good work sista!

  • Greg

    Wow! you are beautiful look like Rihanna and Beyonce I would love a personal picture of you how can I get a autograph? I would love to see you and Rihanna in concert together…That would be awesome!!!!

  • Debra

    Beautiful young lady this is definitely a star in the making.

  • seenya

    Great look!! lots of potential!!!! Im not gonna be a hogg like these other lames. But I shall say…… Im dign it! hope to see you soon! :)

    • Aveda Institute*Moni

      HOGG……LAMES ?? And who are you refering to Seenya? Majority of these comments were left by people who really support of Miss Kenecia. The last thing she needs is for one person to start the negative vibe on her comment page! So please lets be mature and be here to support Kenecia. Not for you to get the attention . Cause aint nobody SEENYA yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      However if complimenting an educated, beautiful, African American woman makes me a lame . “It is what it is!”

  • Sean

    Beautiful young lady! hope to see more of you.

  • JC

    LOL….please dont be fooled by the photo shop!! I’ve seen this girl in person and she looks just like a bald headed alien. she has a hairline that starts in the middle of her head and is just plain out bad looking. Ask her to release a pic minus the big wig, color contact lenses and caked on make-up!! America admire better.

    • Candi

      JC you are so childish and obviously jealous if you had any since you would see she is so popular she has two maxed out face book pages with and without photoshop. All I can say is this young lady is beautiful. Keep up the hard work young lady you are stunning and of course being the rising star you are you are gonna have haters remember they are the ones that make you grow!



  • Dead President

    can somebody say, ‘Rhianna double’?
    she bad, but yeah need to see witout photoshop 4real

  • Thoms

    DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherri

    You are a very beautiful young lady keep rising for the stars.

  • Moe


  • Public Relations

    This young lady is beautiful if anyone wants to see a picture of her with and without make up check out her facebook and twitter I looked her up for myself. So everyone thats inquiring look for yourself this is a beautiful young lady.

  • Nicole JustBlaze

    Very Pretty! You are dope!

  • JC

    Candi please hop off her jock strap and mine as well! HATE is something i will never do, i just call it like i see it. And i know tons of things about this chick. You are obviously one of her lunatic relatives. LOL @ all of these people riding her coat tail, she does have some crazy fans/stalkers i give her that much.

    • Candi

      JC grow up! I dont have to know someone to comment on them. It has to be jealousy if it wasnt you wouldnt be on here trying to slander some one you would be in the process of doing you and if you know so much call her and tell her how you feel. Kenecia you are smart and beautiful these are the kind of people help you become successful. If you have haters now imagine when you are successful! MY BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR CAREER!

    • Raymond Davis

      JC must be an acronym for Jealous Child and this has to be a female because only a jealous female (with no life, obviously) would take so much time to leave such negative comments here. Why, is it necessary? What ever happened to black love, and supporting one another. If you don’t like her swag or her….LOG OFF! BTW, not related nor do I know her I just hate to see such hatred.

  • Africian Dude

    WOW! I see you have people attacking you already…lol you are amazing! really doesnt matter what you look like without makeup you take a hell of a perfect picture! Nice work Miss Lady.

  • Raymond Davis

    Beautiful young lady. Well versed with great aspirations. I wish her all the best. I’m sure I will be seeing her again in the industry (music).

  • J.D. Morgan

    One word, WOW!!! Beauty, talent and brains….what a winning combination.

  • L. Monroe

    Nice choice XXL. This young lady is Eye Candy for real!

  • Kenneth J.

    I worked with Ms. Lii at her Palace of Passion Fashion Show last year. She is a consummate professional, very creative and talented. Love the pics and her bio.

  • Stickupkidd

    Wow, she got me drooling on my laptop,

  • Rebekah

    Nice job girl you did this one! Go ahead and change history with your music, and swimwear.

  • Ty-Ty

    This is definitely a picture of beauty! Yes! I did meet her at her swimwear launch show at the Hard Rock Hotel. Love your designs you are very talented keep up the hard work.

  • CJ

    Absolutely beautiful! You doing it girl.

  • Britt W.

    XXL you made an excellent choice. There’s nothing sexier then beauty and brains.

  • Twan da Don

    This is one beautiful, sexy, and ambitious young woman. Nice choice XXL.

  • Brian M

    Sexy! Sexy! Sexy!

  • D. O’Conner

    Love her eyes. They are mesmerizing.

  • Phillip Richards

    Beautiful woman! I wonder is she’s as pretty on the inside.

  • Carmello Eubanks

    A real PYT (pretty young thang). How can I follow you on Facebook and twitter?

    • candi

      I know she has a facebook keneciaLii and twitter kenecia7

  • Lamar Adams

    LOOKING GOOD Miss Lii!!

  • Rozell

    She can hit me with that ( shoulder lean ) everyday all day all night long. I’ll beat the springs out my mattress with her not going to lie. I’ll get her more pregnant than the octomom…….LOL

  • google+ hangouts

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